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Message from the Chairman

Foreword by Chairman

The bidding process for mobile broadband service (4G) licenses which is crucial for the development of mobile communications in Taiwan was officially concluded in late October 2013. The company was awarded licenses for the following frequency bands: A4(700MHz), C1(1800MHz), and 15MHzx2 and acquired an optimal frequency spectrum efficiency, which enables us to provide even more optimized services for our customers. Due to the optimal penetration characteristics of 700MHz waves, the number of required based stations is greatly reduced. This not only lowers the costs of follow-up construction and maintenance but also decreases the electricity use of base stations, the main power consumers of the telecommunication industry, which in turn generates energy conservation and carbon reduction effects.

Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. has received wide acclaim for its pursuit of stable development in core business areas as well as its aspiration to enhance overall corporate value.

1. World-class corporate governance benchmarking

Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. insists on implementing corporate governance by embracing integrity as the fundamental principle. Brilliant results have been achieved over the past year due to constant self-exhortation based on global standards:

a. Selection as DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indices) constituent stock for emerging markets two times in a row

b. Honored with the Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards presented by Corporate Governance Asia Magazine for seven consecutive years

c. Due to continued outstanding performance, the company received the Icon on Corporate Governance award, which represents the highest honor bestowed in this field. The company thereby surpassed the achievements of other telecommunication providers in Taiwan.

d. Recognized by the Information Disclosure and Transparency Ranking System for publicly listed companies as a company with the highest information transparency with a rating of A++ and ranked among the top 5 listed companies in this field for eight consecutive years.

2. Setting an example in corporate social responsibility

We have dedicated our efforts to CSR in a planned and systematic fashion over many years. Our efforts to maximize the social benefits based on the actual needs of society by utilizing the core resources of the company have been widely acknowledged. Moreover, we have been honored with the top award in the education promotion section of the Global Views Monthly CSR Awards for the sixth time. Common Wealth Magazine has presented us with the Corporate Citizenship Awards for seven years in a row. The company also received two recognitions from the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy: The 2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Awards-Excellence in Telecom Sector and the Model Award in the Social Inclusion Category. As far as GHG inventories and energy management are concerned, the company was awarded ISO 14064-1 and ISO 50001 certifications.

3. Supreme services and customer satisfaction

The company embraces the core concept of “Genuine concern for the customer” in the provision of outstanding customer services, world-class information security protection, and supreme communication quality. Our innovative products and services have won the approval of consumers. The company was selected as the 2013 Most Prestigious Company in Taiwan by Common Wealth Magazine in 2013 and continues to be a leading enterprise in the field of telecommunication services. The company has also been selected as a Trusted Brand by Reader’s Digest Magazine for ten consecutive years.

It is expected that the advent of the new era of 4G in 2014 will be a crucial period full of challenges in the face of the competition posed by existing and new providers. The company will continue to deliver outstanding Internet performance, superior product and service quality, innovative R&D capabilities, multi-directional marketing channels, and world-class information security protection as a leading brand with the goal of becoming the first choice for consumers in the field of high-speed mobile Internet services.

­Richard M. Tsai
Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.

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