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Enabling welfare technicalization:

Digital social welfare “i-Infinity”:

In 2012, TWM started integrating its core competencies and resources to help nonprofit organizations develop the ability to harness the power of digital applications, help disadvantaged groups that other public or private institutions are not able to assist, and enhance these NPOs’ operating efficiency and fundraising capabilities. The followings are the success cases of Digital social welfare “i-Infinity”

  • “Wheelmap (Taiwan) App” enables the elderly, people with disabilities, and parents with small children to search for information regarding low-floor buses and attractions, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers in Taiwan that have barrier-free facilities.

  • “Bubble Adventures App” is a tablet game application that appeals to children in need of early intervention and provides assistance in the rehabilitation process. The game process is designed in a way to promote rehabilitation in such areas as cognition, memory, social adaptation, and hand-eye coordination. The therapy process is extended to home care and the application serves as a reference for the observation of the child rehabilitation process by doctors, teachers and parents.

  • “NFC Smart Tracking Wristband” was the first smart tracking wristband developed in Taiwan to help people with dementia who are lost when attempting to return home. The wristband, which employs NFC technology, transmits information to keep track of the wearer’s location.

  • “iSharing Volunteer Platform,” the first cross-website and cross-application volunteer platform in Taiwan, provides a solution to the problem of matching volunteers, encouraging 17.3 million prospective volunteers aged 15 to 65 to sign up for volunteer services. This platform is looking to align with the government’s 12-year compulsory education program by establishing a volunteers’ database.
  • Three social-welfare short films have helped NPOs raise fundraising income since they were posted online. TWM have launched 9 different social-welfare short films for 9 different NPOs, and increased the fundraising income more than 15.5millions for these NPOs in the last 3 years.

5180 Mobile Donation:

TWM introduced the “5180 Mobile Donation Hotline,” a micro-donation platform, to provide a long-term fundraising channel for 76 NPOs, and has raised more than 10.8 million NTD.