Apr 10,2018

TWM announced March consolidated revenue of NT$9.93bn. EBITDA was NT$2.75bn with an operating income of NT$1.61bn and a net income of NT$1.19bn. EPS was NT$0.44. For the first three months of 2018, TWM reported a consolidated revenue of NT$30.31bn, an EBITDA of NT$8.17bn, an operating income of NT$4.74bn and a net income of NT$3.48bn. EPS for the first three months was NT$1.28, reaching 108% of the first quarter forecast 

Rosie Yu, Chief Financial Officer and Spokesperson of TWM, stated that, consolidated revenue grew by 5% YoY in 1Q18, driven by the e-commerce business and mobile value-added services. If we exclude the impact of the domestic roaming, EBITDA continued its stable growth by increasing 4% YoY for the quarter under the basis of pre-IFRS 15 adoption.           

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