Mar 09,2018

TWM announced February consolidated revenue of NT$9.91bn. EBITDA was NT$2.59bn with an operating income of NT$1.45bn and a net income of NT$1.06bn. EPS was NT$0.39. For the first two months of 2018, TWM reported a consolidated revenue of NT$20.38bn, an EBITDA of NT$5.42bn, an operating income of NT$3.13bn and a net income of NT$2.29bn. EPS for the first two months was NT$0.84, reaching 71% of the first quarter forecast.

Rosie Yu, Chief Financial Officer and Spokesperson of TWM, stated that, although February’s results were affected by fewer working days due to the Lunar New Year, the performance of e-commerce business and value-added services continues to thrive. As a result, consolidated revenue grew 6% over the same period last year. Overall, the core business of the Company remained stable and costs and expenses came down effectively this month. If we exclude the impact of the domestic roaming of non-TWM users, February EBITDA under the basis of pre-IFRS 15 adoption increased 6% YoY.

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