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Phone Reservation

International travelers arriving at the Taoyuan International Airport may visit the "myfone" service centers in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to rent a phone. When used with the TWM pre-paid card, you can stay in contact while in Taiwan at very reasonable rates.

Roaming with existing number: Customer can use their original GSM network provider's SIM card for roaming
Roaming with new number: Customer can purchase a TWM pre-paid card for roaming

Renting a phone

Please apply in person at the "myfone" arrival/departure service center in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International Airport

Terminal 1 departure counter opening hours: 08:00 ~ 17:00
Terminal 1 arrivals counter opening hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00
Terminal 2 departure counter opening hours: 08:00 ~ 17:00
Terminal 2 arrivals counter opening hours: 12:00 ~ 21:00



Phone pickup:
Phone return:
Customer's copy of the phone rental application and passport.


Extend Rental

Customers wishing to extend their rental must apply for an extension with TWM two working days before the original return date. The maximum length of each extension is one month.
The customer should return the phone within the agreed period. Phone rental will continue to be charged by TWM at the original rate until the phone is returned. The customer will forfeit their deposit if the phone is not returned within 7 days of the agreed-upon return date.

Phone rental rate

2G Mobile Phone
3000 NTD/Phone
Payable by cash or credit card at phone pickup. The deposit will be returned without interest if phone is not lost or returned without damage.
3G Mobile Phone
6000 NTD/Phone
Daily Rate
100 NTD/Day
The number of days starts from the day after phone pickup through the day of the phone return. Minimum rental period is one day.