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Color Signal Strength DL throughput
(Theoretical maximum value 150Mbps)
  Outdoors Excellent / Indoors Fair 1Mbps~30Mbps
  Outdoors Good / Indoors Poor 1Mbps~20Mbps
  Outdoors Fair 1Mbps~10Mbps
  Outdoors Poor 1Mbps~5Mbps
  No Service None

1. The pictures of signal coverage and the reception quality provided under this system is generated by a analysis software of radio wave coverage which may simulate the outdoor signal and is for customers’ reference only. The actual coverage of mobile telecommunications shall be based on the customer’s usage on the location.
2. The quality of mobile telecommunications may be affected by location, landform, buildings, number of users, terminal equipment and other relevant factors.
3. Please dial our customer service line for any question or any further inquiry related to the mobile telecommunications coverage.
4. The date of coverage update: February 5, 2015.