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Major Board Resolution

Board approved to revise the 2014 capex of TWM and its subsidiaries

1.  Date of occurrence of the event: 2014/04/29

2.  Company name: Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.

3.  Relationship to the Company ("head office" or "subsidiaries"):  Head office

4.  Reciprocal shareholding ratios: Not applicable

5.  Name of the reporting media: Not applicable

6.  Content of the report: Not applicable

7.  Cause of occurrence: Not applicable

8.  Countermeasures: Not applicable

9.  Any other matters that need to be specified: The Board approved to revise TWM’s and its subsidiaries’ 2014 capex with increases to IT capex and spending related to our 49.9%-held Taipei New Horizon Co., Ltd., which became a consolidated entity on February 21, 2014. After the revision, total 2014 capex budget is approximately NT$13.614 billion and actual cash payments are subject to the completion of the deployment.