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Major Board Resolution

Release of non-competition restrictions on the managers

1.  Date of the board of directors resolution:  2011/01/27

2.  Name and title of the managerial officer with permission to engage in competitive conduct:
Rosie Yu, SVP & CFO
HS Wang, VP & Acting CTO

3.  Items of competitive conduct in which the officer is permitted to engage:  Business that is within or similar to the scope of the business of the Company

4.  Period of permission to engage in the competitive conduct:  Within the period of serving as a manager of the Company

5.  Circumstances of the resolution (please describe the results of the voting under Article 32 of the Company Act):  Unanimous approval by all attending directors at the board meeting upon the Chairman's inquiry

6.  Degree of effect on the Company's finances and business:  None

7.  Any other matters that need to be specified:  None