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Major Board Resolution

Announcement of the Board's resolution of TWM and its subsidiaries' capex in 2011

1.  Date of occurrence of the event:  2011/01/27

2.  Company name:  Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.

3.  Relationship to the Company:  Head office

4.  Cause of occurrence:  None

5.  Countermeasures:  None

6.  Any other matters that need to be specified:  The Board approved capital expenditure plans for TWM and its subsidiaries for 2011, including capacity expansion, upgrade, enhancement, and optimization for 3G, fixed network, cable TV, broadband internet access and digital TV service all totaling approximately NT$6.4 billion.  The aforementioned capital expenditure will be disbursed according to the progress of the projects rather than all of it disbursed in 2011.