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Major Board Resolution

Buy-back CBⅠ

  • Security name:1st convertible bond
  • Trading date:4/30/2004
  • Trading volume:9,806 unit
    Unit price:NT$130,000
    Trading amount:NT$1,274,780,000
  • Disposal gain (or loss):not applicable
  • The relationship with the security issuing company:same company
  • Accumulated trading volume:9,806 unit
    Accumulated amount:NT$1,274,780,000
    Holdings as % of total CBI outstanding:17.73%
  • Long-term and short-term investments as % of total assets in 1Q04:31.06%
    Long-term and short-term investments as % of equity in 1Q04:53.00%
    Working capital (current assets minus current liabilities) in 1Q04:NT$5,082,139,000
  • Purpose: cancellation of the CB bought back