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Major Board Resolution

Disposal of transmission equipment

  • Effective date: 1/31/2005
  • Trading Volume: 5 types
    Total amount: NT$2,093,154K
  • Transaction counterparty and its relationship with the Company: Taiwan Fixed Network Co.,Ltd.; The equity method investee of TCC
  • Estimated disposal gain (or loss):estimated disposal gain of 70,045K
  • Payment and other significant terms: the transaction will be executed after obtaining approval from the Directorate General of Telecommunications
  • Type of price decision: price negotiated
    Reference of price decision: appraised price
    Unit of decision making: the board of directors
  • Appraisal Institution: China Technology Economy Appraisement Center
    Appraised amount: NT$2,157,066K
  • Purpose: To cleanup its fixed assets and to improve its operating efficiency