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Major Board Resolution

BOD Approves 3rd Share Buyback Plan

   1. Date: 2005/09/29
 2. Purpose: Transfer to employees
 3. Type of shares buyback: Common stocks
 4. Cap of total buyback amount: NT$700,000,000
 5. Proposed period: 2005/09/30-2005/11/29
 6. Proposed buyback shares: 20,000,000 shares
 7. Buyback price range: NT$25.5-NT$35.5
 8. Method: From open market in Taiwan Stock Exchange
 9. Proposed shares buyback as % of the Company's total issued shares: 0.4%
10.The price transferred to employees will be either the average buyback price or the closing price
     on the approved date, whichever is higher