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Major Board Resolution

Revised Announcement for the Convention of 2006 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

Time for the Meeting: 9:00 a.m., June 15, 2006
Venue for the Meeting: B2, No. 108, Sec. 1, Tung-Hwa S. Rd., Taipei
Meeting Agenda:
Report Items:
1. 2005 operating results
2. 2005 Supervisors' Report
3. Execution results of the previous share buyback and Rules of Employees' Subscription of Treasury Stocks
4. Rules and Procedures of Board Meetings
5. Other report items

Matters for Ratification and Discussion:
1. 2005 operating results and audited financial statements
2. 2005 earnings distribution proposal
3. Revisions of the Articles of Incorporation
4. Revisions of the Rules and Procedures of the Shareholders' Meeting
5. Revisions of the Rules of Acquisition or Disposal of Assets
6. Revisions of the Rules of Lending and Making Endorsements/Guarantees
7. By-election of one board of director
8. Removing the non-competition restrictions on the board of director by-elected at the AGM