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Major Board Resolution

Proposed distribution of 2005 profits

  • Type and monetary amount of dividend distribution:
    Cash dividend: NT$ 2.6 per share
    Total cash dividend payout is based on current shares outstanding times NT$2.6/share, which is NT$12,843,996,966
  • Any other matters that need to be specified:
    (1) In order to cope with potential asset impairment loss in the future and to maintain a stable dividend policy, TWM's board approves plans to appropriate NT$1.15bn from net profit in special reserve.
    (2) Employee's profit sharing: NT$403,939,784; bonus to directors & supervisors: NT$40,393,978.
    (3) Employee bonus shares: none
    (4) Pro forma EPS after employee profit sharing and bonus to directors & supervisors: NT$3.22