Date:Nov 10,2017

TWM announced October consolidated revenue of NT$9.81bn. EBITDA was NT$2.64bn with an operating income of NT$1.48bn and net income of NT$1.13bn. EPS was NT$0.41. For the first ten months of 2017, TWM reported a consolidated revenue of NT$95.22bn, an EBITDA of NT$27.63bn, an operating income of NT$16.27bn and a net income of NT$12.88bn. EPS for the first ten months was NT$4.73.

Rosie Yu, Chief Financial Officer and Spokesperson of TWM, stated that, in October, the sales of the new iPhone were solid, which resulted in an increase in related marketing expenses from the previous month. Separately, momo’s e-commerce business sustained its trend of strong growth, with revenue increasing 32% YoY. Cable TV revenues remained flat YoY, and the number of subscribers continued to rise. Excluding domestic roaming revenue, EBITDA this month maintained the same level as the same period last year. Overall, year-to-October EPS of NT$4.73 has reached 90% of its full-year forecast.

NT$mn Oct. 2017 Oct. 2016 Jan.-Oct. 2017 Jan.-Oct. 2016
Revenue 9,812 9,961 95,220 96,051
   Operating Revenue1 8,120 7,963 80,127 79,578
   Device Sales Revenue2 1,692 1,998 15,092 16,473
EBITDA 2,636 2,788 27,635 28,498
Operating income 1,478 1,644 16,267 16,979
Pre-tax income 1,435 1,616 15,884 16,468
Net income 1,133 1,297 12,883 13,177
EPS (NT$)             0.41             0.48                4.73                 4.84

Note 1: Derived from deducting Device sales revenue from the total revenue

Note 2: Including handset, accessories, 3C products, etc.