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Core competitiveness depends on people. TWM considers our employees to be partners in sustainable growth and we are committed to building a happy workplace. Apart from providing employees with a workplace that supports steady development, gender equality in work opportunities and a training system, we also encourage employees to pursue self-fulfillment, self-growth and create value through sustainable development.


  • Free stress-relieving shoulder massage 5 days a week
  • Employee retention rate of over 80% after unpaid parental leave
  • Average length of service for handicapped employees is 11 years
  • Group award of excellence in the "Taipei City Healthy Weight Management Event" organized by the Taipei City Department of Health

Career development

  • Each employee averaged 22.6 hours of training in 2015
  • Total of 16 employees received continuing education subsidies in 2015
  • Set up 8 "Love the Planet" online courses in 2015
  • Developed the CSR Cultural Cinema course

Equality and Diversity/Occupational Safety

  • 0 cases of discrimination/child labor/sexual harassment
  • 0.028 Injury rate (IR)
  • 0 Occupational Disease Rate (ODR)

TWM will continue to promote a diverse and equal-opportunity workplace, organize different activities to encourage self-fulfillment by employees, and develop a variety of different online CSR courses and awareness initiatives. The integration of CSR policy with our employee performance evaluation system is now being considered to encourage our employees to join in fulfilling our CSR and realize sustainable corporate development from the bottom-up.