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Various Rate

Before TWM introduces innovative products or services, the rate and charges are approved by competent authority (National Communications Commission) and made public before implementation as required by the law. Fees and rates for sold items are also fully disclosed in the media, the company website, and each operating base. In addition, store personnel are required to explain rates, service subscription and cancellation methods in a detailed fashion when customers apply for services as well as recommend suitable rate plans in accordance with customer needs. Upon completion of the application process, subscribers are provided with a fee plan agreement and promotional materials regarding the plans for reference purposes. Furthermore, the monthly billing statements clearly specify the service names, monthly rates, billing methods, and usage times for all charges based on different categories. The goal is to convey plan contents to the subscriber in a detailed and accurate fashion to safeguard consumer rights and interests and implement the concepts of “Trusted Brand” and “Product Liability”. Customized promotion schemes tailored to the demands of special groups that differ from those of average subscribers serve the purpose of promoting digital inclusion.