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Supplier Management

We therefore announced the “Supplier CSR Rules” in 2011 (https://twmepmall.taiwanmobile.com/esp/) which stipulates that suppliers jointly fulfill their social responsibility in the four dimensions of labor rights and human rights, health and safety, environment, and ethical norms. All suppliers are required to carefully read and make a firm commitment to comply with these guidelines and jointly fulfill CSR prior to the initiation of cooperative relationships. In addition, the new manufacturers must sign a Business Integrity Statement before being accepted as qualified suppliers. CSR implementation and ethical corporate management on the part of supply partners is incorporated into standardized management.

In addition to the formulation of consistent compliance standards, we also strive to gain a better understanding of actual implementation conditions of CSR on the part of suppliers. CSR self-assessment questionnaires were therefore incorporated into the procurement process in 2014. We asked our major suppliers to fill out and return these questionnaires (a total of 104 questionnaires were collected) and announced the statistical results as a main reference point for the formulation of procurement strategies. We also plan to gradually incorporate CSR issues into supplier meetings and provide educational courses for suppliers with negative questionnaire results, so as to assist them in the implementation of improvements and the achievement of better results in the field of CSR. We aim to utilize the driving force of the industry to influence supplier behavior in order to promote a balanced and sustainable development of economy, society, and environment.