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Salary and Benefits

The standard starting salary at TWM is higher than the minimum wage set by the government and highly competitive. In 2015, TWM was named a constituent stock in the TWSE "Taiwan Top 100 Salary Index". We have defined a reasonable remuneration policy with performance-based pay. We give all entry-level specialists the same remuneration after recruitment. Remuneration for personnel with previous experience is adjusted based on their education, experience, specialty and certification. There is no discrimination based on gender in terms remuneration, benefits, promotion, raises, term, education and training, working conditions and right to work. Since 2015, TWM build a multifaceted appraisal system. An employee’s supervisors, peers, and subordinates can give feedback to the employee through this system.

In 2015, the ratio of men's average annual salary (including performance incentives) to women is as follows (where women is 1):

  • Deputy manager or higher: 1.03:1
  • Below deputy manager: 1.13:1

The ratio of Taiwan Mobile's standard starting salary to the minimum wage in Taiwan in 2015 was: 1.7 ~1.9: 1
In 2015, the ratio of the highest individual annual income to the median individual income was 22.11:1.*
In 2015, the ratio of percentage increase in the highest individual annual income to the percentage increase of other employees' individual income was 0.98:1.*
* Comparison is based on basic remuneration

The Taiwan Mobile Joint Employee Welfare Committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of all welfare plans. It also integrates all employee welfare matters at our subsidiaries. Available benefits include:

(1) Starting from their first day of employment, employees are eligible for group insurance paid fully by the company. Spouses are also eligible for hospital and cancer insurance fully paid for by the company.

(2) The company has implemented a year-end bonus and incentive system and pioneered an employee stock ownership plan in the telecommunications industry.

(3) Actuaries are retained to prepare a report on the pension costs for each employee and the funds transferred to the labor retirement reserve fund account.

(4) Employee health checks are carried out every two years. The results are graded for health management, repeat examination and health education. Health checks are also available for employee dependents at a discount.

(5) We have implemented the flex-time system. We also exceed the statutory requirements on special leave , sick leave, parental leave and bereavement leave.

(6) TWM has integrated the employee welfare affairs of all subsidiaries under the Joint Employee Welfare Committee. The Committee is in charge of planning and executing all welfare plains. Apart from providing general benefits such as subsidies for marriage, childbirth, funerals, hospital stays and birthdays, it also offers employees the option for applying for customized benefits such as assistance for their children's education, travel, continuing education, insurance coverage and shopping. We also organize annual family day for our employees.

(7) Subsidies are provided to art, cultural or sport clubs set up by employees.

(8) We have a "Volunteer Leave" system and also provide a channel for employees to donate supplies to disadvantaged or charity groups. Employees are encouraged to take part in charitable activities.

(9) We actively contract with sports centers, theme parks, resort hotels and travel agencies to offer employees preferential rates on gym membership and travel for use in their spare time.

(10) We strive to create an elegant and comfortable office environment. TWM works hard to provide a friendly, happy workplace. Every office floor features paintings and art that not only cultivate artistic sophistication but also inspire employees' creativity and relieve stress.

(11) Subsidy for monthly call costs and employee discount packages are offered at different times.