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Innovation Services

M+ Messenger

M+ Messenger has created the “Mobile Village” project in cooperation with X4GPS to provide all villages and boroughs in Taiwan with the opportunity to register free official accounts. 90% of the over 7000 village and borough heads in Taiwan have registered accounts. This digital communication channel allows them to provide services for village and borough residents and communities in every corner of the country via their smartphones in a real-time manner.

TWM Customer Service APP

The development of new services for the mobile customer service APP since 2014 focuses on the personal needs and demands of subscribers. The APP has been updated with a brand-new look and additional functions such as hot keys for current bills and data transmission queries to greet the advent of the 4G era. Subscribers are provided with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which allows a constant monitoring of account usage. A new exclusive area has been created to rapidly familiarize with 4G relevant information in preparation for actual user experiences speedy.


myBook reading platform is committed to promoting digital reading. It mainly provides digital contents including e-books, e-magazines, and audio learning materials. Mobile devices allow readers to enjoy the pleasure of reading anytime and anywhere, whenever they like. This platform satisfies the needs of readers of all ages and levels without taking up any physical space.


myVideo is the instant streaming and online viewing service in Taiwan, that provides our member with a large of selection videos to stream direct to desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other connected devices like Chromecast.


myMusic is a music online streaming service since 2011, major function including DRM music streaming, download for rent, online chat, music channel, playlist sharing.., etc.


myPlay1 mostly releases mobile games and allows gamers to play these games online via their portable smart devices. Compared to PC games which were popular in the past, mobile games consume less energy and the integrated direct payment systems allow gamers to directly purchase ingame credits via their cell phones. It is no longer necessary to purchase physical game cards in convenience stores as required for computer games in the past.


Following the growing popularity of smartphones, the general public can exercise in a relaxed fashion and track and manage their personal health via these devices. This product is capable of creating records for 23 different exercise types including jogging, cycling, hiking, and brisk walking and allows the import of data from wearable GPS devices of multiple brands and a unified management of all data.