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Emerging Risk

Climate Change Risk

1.Storm: Taiwan is located in the subtropical area with average three to four typhoons per year. Due to this highrisk event, it is included for the risk management and the program are as power outage, high base station against disaster, risk insurance and cloud data center equipment maintenance costs.

2.Warming temperatures rise: Average temperature rise caused by global warming: every increase of 1 degree will increase by 6% electricity air conditioning systems; Taiwan is located in the subtropical area, the operation of air conditioning system is necessary for telecommunications equipment to adjust equipment ambient temperature and the air-conditioning system room / base of the total electricity consumption taking to 3~4 percent to reduce air conditioning system configuration, TWM purchased green energy and environmental protection (for outdoor temperature) from 1999 onwards for 3G base station.

3.Drought: It will cause water outage and fire, by these reasons, we have a water storage tank which can provide water for 48 hours, and you can monitor the water status on the Building Management System(BMS) in realtime. If water outage is for more than 24 hours, the mechanism of water supplement will be started immediately, and will notify the contract vendors to supply water. Furthermore, we set a early detection and extinguishing systems, which can performed detection and extinguishing in the early fires. When a fire alarm occurs, the fire marshal program will be started, and the firefighting team is responsible for controlling the fire.

Technical Risk

TWM’s exit of the auction was a prudent financial decision based on the assessment above to prevent the company from being put under undue financial burden. As mitigating actions, Taiwan Mobile is planning to cover hotspots by deploying more 700MHz basestations and small cells. Although the company will not be able to maintain the lead for maximum 4G download speed, Taiwan Mobile can still lead the market in average download speed, as well as the best network reliability that are more meaningful to the majority of customers as opposed to the very few speed-conscious customers. Taiwan Mobile has initiated media campaigns to educate the market that “speed without coverage is not real speed”; and it is the market leader based on independent and well-trusted SpeedTest measurement results.