CSR Projects

Since our 2017 operation performance has been fully achieved to meet the standard of “CSR Vision 2020 Project”, some of the mid- and long-term objectives have even been fulfilled in advance. The Company shall carry on an even more aggressive agenda-setting not only to face the approaching of the age of 5G, but also to further respond to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Thus, we initiate “TWM Sustainability Vision Blueprint for 2030” by the end of 2017. Taiwan is entering the age of 5G in 2020, and the units of IT application will grow from gigabyte into terabyte, and into a mega-quantitative age beyond our imagination. In the next decade (2020-2030), our civilization will be in an age where the connections of mega-quantitative amount of information are the focus. As “Zetta” represents the quantity of 1021, TWM has drawn up the project of “Zetta Connected! 2030”(Grand Vision with Vigorous Ambition Project) to be the main theme of our vision in the coming decade. We hope to match our vision with the 17 UN 2030 SDGs, and to encourage all employees to propose bold hypothesis with aggressive KPIs so as to verify our current performance with the insights from the remote future. We are looking forward to making TWM to be the hub of all kinds of connection in 2030, and to bring the vision from five major aspects to our stakeholders. The vision is established on two bases and stretching into three aspects to firmly with the seven highlight values of TWM. Based on the spirits of Responsible Business and Creating Synergy with our suppliers, TWM will promote the five aspects, which covers Elevated Experience, Realizing Potential, and Minimizing Footprint, leading our suppliers to engage in innovation, as well as working together to achieve sustainable development goals and rolling into the brilliant future.