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LOHAS Workplace

Job vacancies at TWM are filled through a public recruitment process. Employee remuneration, benefits, promotions, raises, terms, education and training, working conditions or employment rights are not affected by gender. This principle is defined in the work rules as well and there is to be no discrimination against employees on the basis of gender, sexual preference or marital status.

Our company encourages employees to marry and have children. We seek to build a trusted and happy workplace through a series of benefits covering marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. Apart from subsidies for marriage, childbirth and childcare, employees may also apply for optional subsidies on their children's education, family travel or family insurance. Employees' spouses receive free company-funded hospital and cancer insurance. For female employees who are pregnant or still nursing, their shifts are adjusted to avoid working at night. The company also offers parental leave that exceed the statutory requirements.

We respect the legal rights of our employees and have never obstructed or interfered with employees' freedom of association. There is no discrimination on the employment of local employees and indigenous people. No incidents of child labor, forced labor, human rights violations or discrimination has ever been reported at our company. When a new employee is hired, they are also given our employment contract to review in advance. All employees must submit a signed employment contract when they arrive to protect the rights of both parties.

We have designed a variety of health activities for employees based on the four themes of "safe environment, disease prevention, health promotion and stress-relief". Health seminars are also organized at various times to promote healthy living. These are not only offered to employees but also open to their families and local residents. Health promoting activities with different themes are held every month including: Avoiding New Metabolic Syndrome, Self-pampering for Women seminar, quit smoking class and weight control class. Stress-relief activities in the office include: Free neck massage services for employees during office hours and the hosting of spine-relaxation seminars to teach proper posture and avoid musculoskeletal injury. Sleep therapy events also help employees overcome sleeping disorders.

In the telecommunications industry, the greatest risk of occupational injury is from the maintenance of base stations. To strengthen the management of occupational injuries, we have defined rules for handling occupational injuries. We also process, track and investigate occupational injuries to come up with preventive strategies. Occupational injury statistics are reported monthly to the labor inspection agencies as well. Our statistics for the year are as follow:

2015 Occupational Injury Statistics

  • Injury Rate(IR) : 0.028
  • Occupational Disease Rate (ODR) : 0
  • Lost Day Rate (LDR) : 2.38
  • Absentee Rate (AR) : 2,136