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Oct. 2016 Daniel M. Tsai and Richard M.Tsai were elected as Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively, at the thirteenth session of the Seventh Board of Directors.
Jan. 2015 NCC approved the 5MHz spectrum transfer from Ambit to TWM, making TWM the owner of the largest contiguous 20MHz on the 700MHz band.
Aug. 2014 Granted 4G license to launch on the 1800MHz band
Jun. 2014 Officially launched 4G service on the 700MHz band
Apr. 2014 Granted 4G license to launch on the 700MHz band
Jan. 2014 James Jeng was appointed President at the 16th meeting of the sixth Board of Directors.
Nov. 2013 IDC (Internet Data Center) launched and received Uptime Institute Tier III certification
Oct. 2013 Bid 4G spectrum, including 700 HMz (15MHz*2) and 1800 MHz (15MHz*2)
May. 2013 Launched myfone APP mobile shopping service
Apr. 2013 Included in the DJSI for the first time
Nov. 2012 Launched mobile video service, myVideo.
Aug. 2012 Approved the acquisition of a 20% stake in Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd. for NT$344mn through Fubon Multimedia Technology (also known as momo).
Aug. 2012 Launched instant messaging service, M+ messenger.
May. 2012 Taiwan Mobile release its own brand smartphone, the Amazing A1
Aug. 2011 Announced cloud computing service plan for four different market segments: mobile life, intelligent life, enterprise cloud computing services and digital content.
Aug. 2011 Company’s capital dropped to NT$34.2 bn after a capital reduction of NT$3.8 bn.
Jul. 2011 First launched premium HSPA+ Network service in Taiwan.
Apr. 2011 Announced to acquire 51% of the common shares of Fubon Multimedia Technology(FMT) through Wealth Media Technology (WMT), a 100% owned subsidiary of TWM, for NT$8.35bn.
Mar. 2011 The first in Taiwan to launch Google's own brand smart phone Nexsus S
Dec. 2010 Launched TWM's first own brand tablet myPad P1