Core concept
We insist on the philosophy "A corporation's responsibility is as large as itself, true caring is the beginning of action", hold to the spirit of "Base in Taiwan, caring for our land", care for society in terms of different needs, devote long-term manpower and resources to minority groups, provide care for physical and mental disabilities, participate in youth and children personality development, and prevent social issues, etc. We integrate core resources, promote digital inclusion, and improve the domestic soft power of digital cultural content.
Commitment and Actions
We utilize four main core resources: voice service, Internet broadband, digital content, and startup service, to bring technology to charity, assist charity groups crossover to digital applications, develop audio and video talent, searching for charity group digital marketing talent, and caring for local culture through various cultural and arts events. Furthermore, we establish a comprehensive corporate volunteers system, help employees internalize the concept of corporate social responsibility, promote social responsibility from top to bottom, and implement social participation from bottom up.

Achievements in 2016

  • Over 20 charity project promotions, researched on social return on investment (SROI) related issues
    • "iFinity" charity micro movie assisted NPO fund-raising reach over NT$ 19.53 million.
    • myfone Forum held over 6,600 free digital courses at stores around Taiwan.
  • Amount of time contributed by corporate volunteers: 5,603 hours.
  • Honored with the Social Inclusion Award at the 2016 Corporate Sustainability Awards.
  • Social and relationship capital input: 0.12 billion.
Vision and Target
Continue to utilize corporate core resources, focus on domestic digital content creator development, and search for digital talent to work with charity groups, promote technology in charity, and maximize benefits to the society.

2017 Target

  • Assistance provided to NPOs to raise at least NT$10 million annually.
  • Social engagement: at least 5 million participations per year.
  • Promoting computer programming education for remote communities.