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Core concept
We insist on the philosophy "A corporation's responsibility is as large as itself, true caring is the beginning of action", hold to the spirit of "Base in Taiwan, caring for our land", care for society in terms of different needs, devote long-term manpower and resources to minority groups, provide care for physical and mental disabilities, participate in youth and children personality development, and prevent social issues, etc. We integrate core resources, promote digital inclusion, and improve the domestic soft power of digital cultural content.

Concept map of social inclusion

Commitment and Actions
Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. (TWM) drives the public welfare with the new technology of voice services, network bandwidth, digital content and new core resources. TWM assists public welfare organizations to step into digital application and has developed more than 20 public welfare technology projects, including providing diversified services for public welfare groups, underprivileged groups and elderly at retails of myfone to promote digital inclusion. TWM is also the first telecom operator to publish True Value (enterprise true value) and SROI (social investment compensation). TWM is committed to nurture talents in film and television, caring for local culture through various arts and cultural activities, and establishing a complete corporate volunteer system to internalize corporate social responsibility into employee thinking.

Results and Performance in 2018

  • 102 million raised through Taiwan Mobile Telecom Channel
  • Launched "Digital Nursery" program
  • Develop the "Euploea Fun Winter" eye control early treatment game
  • Develop "Mood Thermometer App" to help with stress management and maintain mental health
  • 39,674 downloads for iSharing Volunteer Platform app
  • 33,000 people benefited from TWM digital education
  • The population coverage rate of the rural area broadband internet service reaches 97.65%
  • The number of beneficiaries of disadvantaged group (students/elderly) grows by 32% compared to 2017
  • Total monetary value of TWM’s corporate citizenship/philanthropic contributions for each of the following categories:
    Type of Contribution Total amount (NTD)
    Cash contributions $147,274,811
    Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours $1,074,750
    In-kind giving: product or services donations, projects/ partnerships or similar $146,200,061
    Management overheads $7,363,741
  • Social charitable contributions and sponsorship:
    Contributions/sponsorship to: Description Total amount (NTD)
    Low-income Households TWM offered special cable TV discounts to disadvantaged groups, such as senior centers, nursing homes, local community activity centers and other social welfare organizations $31,891,026
    Rural Households TWM increased the construction of mobile broadband networks in remote areas so as to increase the coverage of radio waves in remote areas. $1,559,000
    -Fubon Art Foundation TWM has provided the LED wall, an effective and high-profile digital media, for the display of charity ads free of charge, and we continue to disseminate correct information and bring awareness regarding social care, promotion of the arts and environmental protection to the general public. $4,700,000
    -12th myfone Mobile Composition Awards
    Green Power for Charity
    Children and Elders in rural areas TWM actively uses its core competencies and corporate resources to achieve social welfare and environmental responsibility. Through the care for the disadvantaged, the promotion of multiple cultural services, environmental protection and other multi-oriented volunteer services, the company, employees and the society are closely linked. $852,283
    Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation TWM’s philanthropic contributions to support/sponsor non-profit, education, or arts organizations. $30,213,793
    Foundation for Excellent Journalism Award
    National Culture and Arts Foundation
    New Aspect Culture and Education Foundation
    A Kernel of Wheat Foundation
    Jieh Huey Social Welfare & Charity Foundation
    Shih Hsin University
    Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
    Taiwan Mobile Foundation
    Philharmonia Moments Musicaux
    Total $69,216,102

2019 Objective

  • 120 million raised through Taiwan Mobile Telecom Channel
  • Digital Nursery offers 10,000 free (720,000 GB) / myBook "Interactive Foreign Languages Learning" online study opportunities.
  • Euploea provides free games to 216 individuals/institutions, a total of 27,000 children were benefited
  • 47,000 downloads for iSharing Volunteer Platform app
  • 48,000 people benefited from TWM digital education
  • The population coverage rate of the rural broadband internet service reaches over 96%
  • The number of beneficiaries of disadvantaged group (students/elderly) grows by 25% compared to 2017