Research on Climate Change

The World Economic Forum pointed out that the biggest risk in 2017 was extreme weather events and natural disasters, and its incidence was also high. Therefore, in 2017, we entrusted the National Taipei University of Technology with the “Telecommunication Industry's Carbon Risk and Carbon Rights Management in Accordance with Climate Change” as Research themes, project contents and research results are fruitful, including three major carbon issues: carbon offset project, internal carbon price research, and the development of SBT.

  1. The TET has replaced the high-efficiency ice-cold water mains to implement the carbon offset project, and has completed third-party confirmation and filed a registration with the EPD and applied for carbon credits. Our initial planning reduction benefit calculation period is from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2024, for a total of six years, estimated at 143.07 tCO2e per year, with a total reduction of 858.42 tCO2e.
  2. The internal carbon pricing is combined with the SBT reduction goal and the company's internal carbon price is calculated at NT$188 for every metric ton of CO2 based on the total mitigation costs.
  3. In 2018, TWM officially introduced SBT as a carbon reduction goal and adopted the SDA methodology to calculate the long-term carbon reduction goal of the company. Taking 2016 as the base year, the reduction is 7.8% by 2020 and 24.3% by 2025.