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We choose product and service that worthwhile for innovation development and bring them into practice according to sales performance. Following are the highlights in 2017:

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Product SDG
Product Innovation
Product Innovation
Environment Protection Achievement Social Public Welfare
myfone shopping-subscription service 11 Mix up commodities/food/pet products and launch e-service on subscription base
  • Choose subscription cycle at will
  • Special offer and free of freight fee for long-term subscribers
  • Consolidated bills for TWM clients, credit card payment will soon be available
  • Customized SMS notification for delivery date
  • Home delivery
  Accumulate charity donation including physical resource to support disadvantaged household around Taiwan with children under age of 15
Taiwan regional featured agricultural products 11
  • Find out Taiwan excellent agriculture products
  • Expand product lines into the market
  • Select products with story and cultural content, assist with branding design and marketing planning
  • Assist product providers to marketing on e-business platform
  1. Assist small-scale peasants to increase value-added through product design and package
  2. Sales via myfone e-shopping platform, skip intermediators to increase profits
Mobile Transportation Card with Citizenship 11/12
  • Combine Mobile Transportation Card with Citizenship with e-purse
  • Download Citizenship Card into NFC SIM through Wali to enjoy relevant public service with mobile phone
  1. Free from the usage of plastic card
  2. Free from the operation at counter to avoid unnecessary transportation cost
Launch of the Transportation Card with Citizenship enable the public to access government subsidies (mass transportation) and convenient measures (bill-payment or book lending) more easily
TA Media 9/12 Increase ads delivery efficiency and diversification through big data analysis
  1. Increase original, floating and vertical video ad Formats
  2. Introduce Open API information to provide innovative and interactive ads
Reduce printed wastes and adopt centralized system framework, big-data analysis to reduce unnecessary computation for energy-saving Support disadvantaged groups to  promote ads on mobile devices for more public exposure in order to arouse more concerning
IOT Business Service 9
  1. Account status and charge management through cloud computation
  2. Various account management tools and system interfaces
  3. Network self-diagnose kits
New functions:
  1. Life cycle management of each account
  2. Self-diagnose via network
  3. Autonomous charge fee management
  4. Separative fee charged
  5. API system interface
  6. Automated management
  Support IoT companies with efficient SIM management for the usage of elder positioning, smart medical devices,… etc. so as to fulfil social public welfare value indirectly
eSIM 9/12 Remote control SIM Profile via eSIM technology
  1. Store virtual SIM on cloud so as to download when necessary
  2. Unnecessary to change SIM when transferring between different service providers
By means of storing virtual SIM on cloud will reduce SIM production in physical form, further eliminate processing problem of  wasted SIM, meanwhile realize environmental protection  
4G with Home Appliances Special Offer 11 Home appliances special offer bundled with account application TWM is the first service provider to execute the bundling marketing scheme in Taiwan To respond to external environment change, providing energy-saving home appliances other than mobile phones can also reduce electronics waste to fulfil environmental protection The bundling marketing scheme of energy-saving home appliances for disadvantaged households not only economize the purchase expenses and electricity charges, but also extend the product life cycle of mobile phone
Capacity adjustment system 9 Facilitate the model of  M&R capacity and labor force requirement among nationwide service center with dynamic adjustment for optimized operation
  • Forecast M&R demand among every repair spot according to sales/product s service rate
  • Estimate minimum labor force corresponding to working hours required for each repair item
  • The system will figure out capacity (or shortage) of each repair spot, coordinate with logistic system to optimize M&R capacity in a whole
Device M&R Warranty 11/12 Provide mobile phone M&R service from Jan. 2015 on. Accident damaged device will be repaired or replaced during warranty period
  • Increase sales channels including virtual ones, to make client access application service more convenient
  • Provide annual charges prepaid service package to non TWM clients whose mobile phone is contract-free
Repair damaged mobile phone for encore use under this service package to reduce metal mining, waste generating and other possible pollution from manufacturer to minimize environmental impact  
Special Offer for Device Replacement 11/12 Mobile phone or tablet replacement promotion launched since May 2015. Used devices can be recycled at stores for a discount for new devices or the bill charged
  • Expand used devices discount range including peripheral accessories and protection cover service
  • Introduce of rating-evaluation program is under planning to avoid human misjudgment and unnecessary lost
Reduce pollution from discarding devices by recycling useful  resources from them  
Smart water/electricity meters 11/12 Provide network planning and data transferring service
  • Provide business clients with big-data analysis service
  • Real-time alarm service
  • Online query interface and flexible account management system
  • Reduce lost from electricity transmission and distribution, to promote low carbon society with better economic performance
  • Remote smart-metering reading can reduce paper usage
Real-time power failure alarm is also helpful for power restoring, lower the possibility of danger encountering in the dark for disadvantaged group

3/11 Provide measurement recording and suggestions service through cloud computation
  • Provide measurement data auto-uploading into the cloud service for our members, combine with supports from official website and Apps for autonomous self-health management
  • Team up with hospitals to provide health consultant service
  • Measurement data recorded in cloud can reduce paper waste so as to protect forest ecosystem
  • Remote rural residents can make autonomous monitoring at home
  • Health consultant service is helpful to narrow down urban-rural medical resources difference
Taiwan Mobile fleet management system 11/12 Provide vehicle position and relevant service with report chart Uploading client vehicle position into the cloud automatically for clients to verify their location via App or Website platform at any time. Additional performance reports or real-time warning system are also available
  • Help companies to conduct their drivers’ behaviors to reduce energy-consumption and air pollution
  • Increase logistic efficiency, deliver goods to remote rural regions with the least time
  • Serve even vastest remote rural regions with the least time spending
HomeSecurity 11 Household/Store surveillance:
  1. Realtime image surveillance
  2. Fulltime video playback
  3. Emergency notification
  1. TWM is the first MSO to provide complete household and store surveillance service
  2. Transfer data through broadband network for client to remote verify their home security with high-quality video image at any time
  3. Emergency alarm system with hotkey dial up
  1. Reduce air pollution
  2. Reduce traffic jam
  3. Energy saving and carbon reduction
  1. Emergency help
  2. Build up family affection ties
  3. Real-time surveillance for emergency handling
  4. Lower down criminal rate
HealthCare 3/11
  • All time health consultancy
  • Customized remote health care
  • Drug home delivery by pharmacist
  • TWM is the first MSO to provide HealthCare service.
  • Transfer warning signals and effective measurement applications through two-way STB
  1. Avoid repeated drug consumption for chronic prescription users
  2. Improve self-health management at home
  3. Reduce traffic commute trips
  1. Improve life quality for the elder
  2. Enrich caring ability for household caregivers