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Products & Services

Approximately NT$5 billion of revenue came from innovative products or services in 2018. Following are the highlights:

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Commercial activity Product Product Introduction SDG Match-up Product Innovation Product Innovation
Environmental protection achievement Social public welfare achievement
Personal user services Prepaid Card Manager
Prepaid Card Manager
Provide parents with a monthly rent number to management children's prepaid card. 12 13
  • Able to query balance expiration date
  • Prepaid card recharge and pay the bill monthly.
  • Rate of users reached 117%
  • Revenue achievement rate 115%
  • Reduce the amount of 342 kg carbon emissions from store storage.
  • Management of the elderly and the kids' phone number.
IoT and Platform Products Consumer eSIM Platform
Consumer eSIM Platform
e-SIM download, replacing traditional SIM, can be applied in wearable products and mobile phones. 9 12 13
  • In the past, the SIM cards are required to be obtained in the store. At present, The e-SIM application is not subject to this limitation.
  • Revenue achievement rate 112%
  • A total of 4,121 eSIM users, representing a decrease of approximately 144 Kg CO2 emissions.
  • Make it convenient for rural areas/disadvantaged groups
Mobile advertising business TA media
Mobile advertising broadcast
AD Network
  • Through big data analytics technology, the advertising placement will be placed on the customer mobile phone.
  • Using TA media DMP data to multiple channels, including Google Network, FB, IG, etc.
1  3  9 12 13
  • Maximize the application of data efficiency, deepen advertising accuracy, and have the opportunity to contact more potential customers.
  • Add new advertising format.
  • Revenue achievement rate 107%
  • The Group will also reduce paper waste through digital advertising, so as to reduce CO2 emission.
  • The Company will utilize the diversification of external advertising platforms to effectively reduce the system development resources.
  • We can effectively find the right TA, helping Taiwan Fund for Children & Families and FORMOSA CANCER FOUNDATION promote public welfare needs such as donation.
Mobile Commerce Services Myfone Stores
e-commerce in myfone store
Order from the stores, delivered to home by e-commerce, which effectively increases efficiency of stores services. 9 12 13 Add sales of daily products and 3C products.
  • Revenue achievement rate 110%
Paperless shopping, reduce the amount of kg CO2 emissions.
  • The assistants in the store could help elders and people who rarely use internet for shopping, and enjoy the deliver-to-home service. Over 13,000 people enjoy the benefit of this service.
Mobile Commerce Services Mobile Joint-Member
Mobile Joint-Member
Apply for mobile joint-member through Wali and earn both FamilyMart and UUPON points by consuming in FamilyMart via EASYCARD. 9 12 13 When you use mobile payment, the system can identify the membership and offer exclusive incentives. No membership card or telephone number is required.
  • Revenue achievement rate of 128%
No physical cards, reduce CO2 emission by 4,224 kg.
  • Consumers can donate FamilyMart and UUPON points to the minority group.
New media services myVideo-
Free Zone Promotion Project
Free Zone Promotion Project
User can watch free movies. 12 13 Reduce the threshold for users using video services, watch popular movies, drama, and child movies, etc for free.
  • The number of monthly users exceeded 2.4 million.
Video digitalization can reduce carbon emissions of the movie theater.
  • Free Zone Promotion Project responds to the Company's "Green Power for Charity", providing users with free myVideo for charity.
New media services myBook-
“Read aloud” function of electronic Book
  • Support PDF/EPUB Format
  • Close the screen and listen to the voice of reading.
4 9 12 13
  • Read-Partner mode: the context which has been read will be automatically labeled in the specific color.
  • Speed of reading: three speed adjustment.
  • The target customer for using “read aloud” function is 18%, and the actual performance is 20%.
Reduce Paper Book Printing and Carbon Emissions.
  • To donate 600 accounts for elementary school in rural areas, and can serve 14,400 people annually.
Corporate customer service M+ Enterprise Mobility
M+ Enterprise Mobility
  • Mobile phone is your telephone, and you won`t be missing any call.
  • Enterprise can save huge communication fee and the procurement fee of telephone as well as maintenance manpower.
9 12 13
  • When you are unavailable to pick up the telephone, the message will be automatically transferred to your M+ Enterprise Mobility.
  • No additional voice roaming fee will be charged.
  • Revenue achievement rate 166%
  • Reduce the increase in corporate waste
  • Reduce CO2e emission 4459.9kg
  • Telephone mobilization allows the flexibility of work and can help 216 people take care of their work and families.
Corporate customer service AI Cloud Development Project
AI Cloud Development Project
  • Building a national-level R&D center of AI and cloud-based service environment
  • In the future, it will become the largest data market and model market in Taiwan
8 9 11
  • Taiwan's first self-developed and self-produced AI cloud computing platform.
  • The computing performance reached 9 PFLOPS, with a storage capacity of 10 PB.
  • Ranking No. 20 in Top 500 World Supercomputers
  • Establish with QUANTA COMPUTER INC. & ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
  • Increase energy utilization efficiency.
  • Ranking No. 10 in The World's Supercomputers Green Energy.
  • Develop more smart medical and smart home related applications, taking care of the elderly and people who need care services.
Cable TV services Village Surveillance
Village Surveillance
  • Through network storage to offsite host computer
  • A multi-points monitoring management platform.
  • Provide 1080p video image
9 11
  • Construct IPCAM video storage to cloud/remote host computer, effectively saving electricity and space
  • A multi-points monitoring management platform to manage the videos
  • Provide 1080p clear video image
  • 434 places have been established
  • Revenue achievement rate 217%
  • Reduce the need of monitor rewiring and maintain cleanliness of the city.
  • Enhance the safety of the village. Covered approximated 81 villages.