Products & Services

  • M2M & SIM management platform
    As Taiwan's population growth has stagnated, the SIM card penetration rate is now near its saturation point. The impetus for the growth of the telecom industry most likely comes from Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
  • Fleet Manager
    This service has integrated mobile communication network, vehicle on-board devices and GIS platform. Using the monitoring system on idling and speed management, the system allows businesses to track the movements of each of their vehicle, which can help them establish performance evaluation standards, improve service quality and management efficiency.
  • TAMedia
    Using big data relevant to telecommunication as the core and bringing together the most extensive mobile platforms to help enterprises to provide the best mobile communication solutions.
  • Wali
    The first mobile app in Taiwan to combine the functions of EasyCard, iPASS (public transit passes), and electronic ticket storage. It also integrates electronic tickets for public transit and payment services based on security components and NFC sensor technology, thus providing our customers with electronic ticket storage functions and everyday applications.
  • myfone Shoping
    A mobile shopping platform developed in-house by Taiwan Mobile, boasts a selection of over 200,000 products which consumers can choose from.
  • MyMusic
    We will continue to devote resources in the mobile music market. As of the end of 2016, our music library contained over 3.6 million songs, and the size of our membership reached 300,000. In 2017 we expect this number to exceed the 360,000 mark.
  • myVideo
    Committed to the promotion of digital content, we lead the industry in providing "unlimited views with purchased download" service. Since the service was launched four years ago, there have been nearly two million app downloads and 50,000 users use the myVideo service to watch videos every day.
  • myBook
    Optimizing mobile reading, providing digital content such as e-books, e-magazines and learning with audio books. Readers will be able to use their mobile devices to experience the joy of reading anywhere, anytime and however they choose, thus helping the publishing industry to transform digitally.
  • myPlay1
    With the target device of game production shifted to mobile devices, this service guides users to enjoy entertainment on their smartphones, creating positive values of mobile games.
  • mySports
    It focuses on the concept of personal health manager, providing users with the ability to record 23 exercise activities on their smartphones, including running, jogging, walking and cycling. The service also supports data transfer from multiple brands of GPS sports wearable devices, which enables the management of data and information with a centralized platform.
  • Customer Service App
    To meet customers’ needs and to increase convenience, TWM Customer Service continues to collect feedback, add new functions and optimize the process.
  • M+ Messenger
    Enterprise Instant Messenger (EIM) is dedicated for workplace communication that delivers communication efficiency, a user-friendly interface, a stable quality with secure information, a true leading application at the local market.
  • Multi-level DDoS Defense
    With the maturity of digital economy, online DDoS attacks have become more and more prevalent. We’ve constructed a multi-level defense system that provides flow obstruction defense, status exhaustion defense and application attack defense. To strengthen digital economy, this system allows enterprises to offer their clients continuous and stable services in a secure network.
  • Home Security
    Combining cloud services, TWM HomeSecurity centers on “smart family,” providing comprehensive home surveillance and smart defense services. It also offers real-time split screen to enhance shop management and efficiency.