Process & Mechanism

Business strategy requirements analysis

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Innovation planning - market aspects Innovation planning - R&D and manufacturing aspects

Existing markets New markets
Incremental innovation Radical innovation Systemic innovation
Existing products Improvements/Extensions (Market position) Defensive innovation (Market position) Expansive innovation Existing technology platforms Functions Service upgrade New functions New services Lower costs New product combos
New products Acquisition/Development Cross-selling innovation Breakthrough innovation

With respect to the CSR blueprint for 2030 and the strategic requirements of our business units, we seek to determine and clarify the specific purposes of innovation requirements based on the structure of analyses of the above market, R&D and production aspects, the goal of which is to guide the generation of creative ideas.

Generating & sifting through creative ideas and actual creativity development

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Differentiation Market demand validation Sources of technology and feasibility inspection Resource adequacy inspection Risk tolerance inspection
  • Sufficient large potential markets
  • Major requirements not yet met
  • Technology itself highly viable
  • Manufactured in-home or outsourced
  • Equipped with technical capabilities to adopt the technological know-how
  • Ability to facilitate creativity and resources
  • Financial risk
  • Goodwill risk

After sessions of brainstorming by each business unit, creative ideas that merit further investigation are selected according to the screening criteria above.

Assessments of the timing of adoption, financial benefits and risks
The advantages and disadvantages of different points in time for idea adoption are clarified, the scenarios analyzed and the financial benefits estimated. Major risk factors and possible strategies to address them are also identified.
Specific development of innovative products
Products enter into actual development based on the specific specifications of the creative ideas.
Actual testing of innovative products
Verification of the technical/system functions and capacity are first carried out, followed by the testing of customers' principal usage scenarios.
Launch of innovative products in the market
The innovative products first undergo trial operational tests before they are officially launched full-scale in the target markets.