Personal Data Protections

In 2004 we established an Information Security Committee responsible for overseeing the implementation of information security procedures within the organization. Audits are conducted twice a year by an external third party in accordance with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 International Information Security Management System to review the degree of information security implementation completed. Thus far we have passed all annual assessments of information security management practice by competent authorities as well as relevant administrative inspections, which will ensure the level of required information security management and that subscribers view the company as trustworthy and reliable.

We built four security shields: protection against external hackers, protection against illegal disclosure from within the organization, incorporation of security assessments into system planning and implementation, and monitoring and prevention of security incidents in system maintenance and operations. The goal is to safeguard users' personal data and protect our confidential and sensitive data, so that our customers can use our services with confidence and assurance.

In the event that a request for customer information received from government or law enforcement agencies, TWM inspects and confirms whether such request complies with legal procedure and conditions, including but not limited to “Regulations on Telecommunications Business Handling the Related Authorities Inquiring Telecommunications Communication Record”, “Regulations on Telecommunications Business Handling the Related Authorities Inquiring Telecommunications User Information” and any other related regulations stipulated by the competent authority. If such request is not complied with legal procedure or conditions, TWM will refuse the request. We always do our best effort to maintain the balance between the protection of customer information /privacy and lawful assistance for public safety. Therefore, the percentage that TWM provides the customer information to response the request from the government or law enforcement agencies is 99.904%.