Core concept
Taiwan Mobile firmly believes that supply chain management is a crucial component of corporate sustainability. Every year we procure mobile phone products as well as telecom, communication and networking equipment in the amount of NT$40 billion to provide T.I.M.E., four major areas of integrated telecommunications and media services. Based on our five key objectives regarding supply chain management, which are "excellent quality, stable services, managing risks, green procurement, and achieving sustainability", Taiwan Mobile requires our suppliers to provide us with quality products and services to ensure that our customers will continue to be offered the best possible experiences. Furthermore, we also leverage our own influence to strengthen and enhance the performance of the overall supply chain with respect to the environment, society and governance. The reason is that we believe that only with the joint commitments of the suppliers will Taiwan Mobile be able to truly bring to fruition the corporate social responsibility of the entire supply chain.
Commitment and Actions
To achieve the five key objectives of supply chain management, we promise to continue to collaborate with suppliers to facilitate and support the investment of resources in sustainability by the industry, as well as to reflect these goals in specific actions, including the supervision of suppliers for fulfilling sustainability and corporate governance, to strengthen information transparency, to implement supply chain risk management, and to support green procurement. In addition, we play the role of the educator in the supply chain and continue to update our suppliers on the required knowledge on sustainability so as to support the supply chain's growth and enhancement.

Achievements and performance

  • Green Procurement: The total procured amount grew by 56.97%.
  • A total of 250 copies of the Supplier CSR self-assessment questionnaire were collected, which was an increase by 19%.
  • We completed on-site inspections of 20 tier-one key suppliers with respect to corporate sustainability.
  • We organized a supplier exchange seminar and two supplier training sessions to promote sustainability governance.
Vision and Target
We will continue to facilitate supplier transparency by conducting reviews of documentation and on-site inspections of our key vendors. Supply chain sustainability risks are controlled through annual supplier risk assessments.

Targets for 2017

  • Priority is given to the procurement of energy-saving products.
  • To complete the on-site inspections of 20 suppliers.
  • To complete the review of sustainability-related documentation from 250 suppliers.
  • To maintain the signing of the "Contractor safety, health and environmental protection statement" by 100% of our contractors.
  • To conduct risk assessments of the supply chain.