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  1. To increase innovation items/scopes, we enlarge the organization with the innovation management committee to cope with the supervision of all product units and operation process units.
  2. The structure of the committee has been divided into product innovation and process innovation in order to increase sales percentage from innovation, as well as to reduce costs/expenses.
  3. Innovation Management Committee:

Set Business Group Innovation KPIs

In order to strength innovation capacity and to realize participation in the whole company, we have set innovation KPIs for each business groups and keeps track of the performances. In 2018, a total of 35 product innovations and 57 process innovation projects have been realized.

Institutionalize the “Innovation Proposal Program”

In order to encourage our staff to participate in innovation proactively, we institutionalize the “Innovation Proposals Program” on January, 2018. We established Incubation Ecosystem to support our staff, to bring their creative ideas into fully feasible operation practices with unlimited bonus rewards. Both proposers and incubators can benefit from it. In 2018, we have received 116 innovation proposals with 9 winners and accumulative bonus of NT$40,000.