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To improve performance and expand the promotion of smart energy conservation, we established an Environmental Management Committee under the Risk Management Committee in February of 2016.

Environmental Management Committee

Environmental Management Committee is convened at least twice a year and integrated the administration of ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 14064-1 (Green House Gas Inventories) and ISO 50001(energy management) as well as promoting smart energy conservation strategies. Various tasks are carried out by separate teams, and the implementation results are reported back to the Environmental Management Committee.
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Environmental management Performance in 2018 Target in 2019
KPI Objective of 2030 Objective of 2018
Reduction of electricity consumption 2% of annual reduction of electricity consumption compared to 2016 Reduce 2% of electricity consumption Reduce 2% of electricity consumption, target achieve.
  1. The annual power saving obligation of each unit is 2% of the electricity consumption in 2016 (2% of annual reduction of electricity consumption in 2019 compared to 2016).
  2. Energy-saving incentive: Praised by CEO and awarded by monetary incentive according to the division who conserves the most energy throughout the year.
  3. Leading GeSI’s Climate Change Committee: Promote sustainable development together with global ICT industry.
Water Conservation 15% lower in total tap water consumption compared to 2017 (excluding IDC Internet Data Center) Reduce 1% of water consumption (excluding IDC Internet Data Center) Reduce 4.3% of water consumption, target achieve.
  1. Machine Room: The fan motor of cooling water tower is equipped with frequency converter, and the water temperature of water tower is used to reduce the speed of fan motor and reduce splash and water consumption
  2. Office: Regularly collect statistics of water usage of each office floor, persuade colleagues to work together to save water
  3. Expand the use of raft-based pond groundwater in buildings.
Waste Reduction Annual reduction of business waste from 2017 to 2020 by 2% Reduce 2% of waste Reduce 48% of waste, target achieve.
  1. Using environmentally friendly lithium batteries.
  2. Optimizing routing of cables, reducing the amount of rubber cable placement.
  3. Sale of telecommunication equipment that is scrapped but still useful.

The water consumption of IDC for the business requirement, will increasing continuously. By this reason, TWM set the IDC water consumption management target:

  1. Set the limit of the business expansion: The total water usage in 2019 is estimated at 77,697 m3 and it is expected to raise to 171,374 m3 in 2030.
  2. Enhance the Water Usage Effectiveness: The design of cooling system adopts relevant water saving measures, such as maintaining returned air temperature at above 26℃、using frequency conversion control for fans of cooling tower to reduce water loss and introducing water recycling solutions... etc, the real WUE(Water Usage Effectiveness) reached 3.92 in 2018 and it is estimated 3.91 in 2019 and dropped to 3.86 in 2030.It is expected to save approximately 5000 m3 of water resource.