Network Quality

Since the 4G network became operational, TWM has continued to expand our high-quality network infrastructure. As of December 2016, population coverage in the 700MHz band reached 99%, while that of the 1800MHz band was over 93%. Our 4G network coverage is essentially complete. To provide users with even faster Internet access, TWM is also actively deploying the 2CA (700/1800) dual-band carrier aggregation mobile broadband network. As of December 2016, the proportion of the construction of 2CA dual-band carrier aggregation networks reached 80%, making TMW ahead of all other carriers. With our integrated Network Management System (NMS), which we have developed in-house, data from the element management system (EMS) is correlated and analyzed, and each piece of equipment is integrated via the EMS. Alarms are correlated with network topology and time series analysis is carried out to shorten the time of determining the cause of malfunction, thus improving early warning capability before service outage strikes and providing users with excellent service coverage and stable Internet quality.