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Network Quality

Network signal coverage

Since 4G launching, Taiwan Mobile has continued to build high-quality network infrastructure, and the population coverage rate of 4G network has reached 99% or more, providing a complete 4G network coverage.

Network signal coverage in remote areas

Not only the metropolitan areas are provided with the mobile broadband network, but also the remote and isolated areas with the geographical limitations, including Yuenghu, Jinmen, Matsu, Ryukyu, Green Island, Orchid Island and other offshore islands and Ho-huan, Ali Mountain, Kenting and other scenic spots and remote areas are provided with the mobile broadband network. By the end of 2018, the 4G population coverage rate of remote areas has reached 97.65%.

Download speed and network capacity

In order to provide users with high-speed Internet access, Taiwan Mobile has actively built the 2CA (700/1800) dual-frequency carrier aggregation mobile broadband network (the theoretical maximum download speed provides users with a download rate of 263 Mbps aggregated from a single frequency band of 150 Mbps and 113 Mbps download rate). In order to provide users with better Internet speed in 2018, the 3CA (700/1800/2100) tri-band carrier aggregation mobile broadband network is combined with the new technology DL 256QAM/UL 64QAM (the theoretical maximum download speed is 450 Mbps aggregated from 200Mbps,150Mbps and 100Mbps download speeds in the single frequency band).

Material network obstruction incidents and countermeasures

In accordance with the relevant business management rules announced by NCC, the Company shall report the disasters or other major accidents which cause exceptions of telecommunications equipment affecting users on a certain scale to the competent authorities and actively disclose the incident situations and the damage handling methods on the official website.

Response to major obstruction incidents in 2018

There was no material incidents affecting the user service during the year.