Network Quality

Since the 4G service was launched, TWM has continued to deploy optimal network. The coverage ratio of 4G services has now reached 99% of all population, offering a complete 4G network coverage. To provide even faster Internet services for our users, TWM is building 2CA (700/1800) dual-band carrier aggregation mobile broadband network. Moreover, TWM has successfully won the bid for 2100MHz frequency band -20MHz*2 frequency spectrum and planned to offer tri-band carrier aggregation mobile broadband network 3CA (700/1800/2100) for areas with high population density. Besides establishing mobile broadband network in metropolitan areas, TWM overcomes the geographical constraints and difficulties of setting up infrastructure in remote regions and islands, and now provide mobile broadband services in island areas including Penghu, Kinmen, Mazu, Xiao Liuqiu, Green Island, and Lanyu, as well as scenic areas or remote regions including Mount Hehuanshan, Alishan, and Kenting. As of year-end in 2017, the coverage ratio of 4G services in remote regions has reached over 97%.