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Internal Process

The business process unit supervising the supervisor's supervision of the “Innovation Management Committee”, formulated KPIs and control tracking, and rewards environmental innovation and social welfare innovation.

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Commercial activity
Total number of process innovation projects SDG
Representative Cases Process innovation achievements Environmental protection achievement Social public welfare achievement
Save manpower and resource costs 5 41495
  • Green Power for Charity
  • Work with the community to save the time and human resource, low threshold of Green Energy Initiative to promote public welfare.
  • Estimated solar power generation of 3.45 million kWh
  • Reduce CO2e emission 1.82 million kg
  • The minority group can obtain the amount of almost NT$16 million from green electricity sales for 20 years.
Save manpower and resource costs 3 13/15
  • Change window envelops to letter sheets
  • By doing so, it can save the cost of envelopes, packaging and delivering postage, reducing costs and saving NT$20.278 million.
  • A4 Paper Consumption for the year decreased by 14.1 million pieces.
  • Reduce CO2e emission 20,820kg
  • Reduce paper usage and implement carbon reduction.
Telecommunications network services 5 13
  • Diversified plan for charging electricity rates & optimizing contract capacity for lowering the cost
  • Diversified plan for charging electricity rates & optimizing contract capacity for lowering the cost
  • Analysis base station equipment and apply for multiple tariff solutions, and the cost savings is NT$10.312 million.
  • Adjust the power consumption during peak hours and save electricity generation costs.
  • Construction of 4G for rural areas.
Rural area deployment and frequency charges reduction.
  • Expand the construction of networks equipment for rural areas, reducing the frequency usage fee by 15%, saving NT$113.05 million.
  • 99% coverage rate of 4G network
  • The construction cost of electricity expenditure in the rural areas is NT$ 23.12 million from CHT.
Information technology management 2 13
  • R&D of automated website conversion tools.
  • Replace the program rewriting work by the tools and reduced the cost approximately 70%, and reduced the development costs of NTD$6 million.
  • Reduce CO2e emission 418kg
  • Reduce the website establishment cost of "Green Power for Charity"
  • Software Reusable Tools
  • Develop software tools, reducing construction and development costs, and saving the costs of approximately NT$ 2.5 million.
  • Reduce CO2e emission 6070kg