Internal Process

We choose processes that worthwhile for innovation development and bring them into practice according to cost-lowing and profit-raising performance. Following are the highlights in 2017:

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Process SDG
Process Innovation
Process Innovation
Environment Protection Achievement Social Public Welfare
Green Power for Charity 1/11 Lead 13 domestic and foreign suppliers to donate TWD 2 for each mobile phone sold and public fundraising to build up PV system for vulnerable groups Together with suppliers and the public to initiate and promote for green power, reverse the myth about high establishment cost, facilitate low cost entry solution to increase attention to participate Estimated electricity generated by PV will reach 2.32 million kilowatt-hour in 20 years. Engaging in social public welfare while protecting the environment Mix up green power application and disadvantaged group care by inviting everyone to invest PV for charity, to be the little sun for disadvantaged groups
Diversified Job offerings 1/10 Redesign job requirement to enhance the care of disadvantaged group
  1. Create more job opportunities for various disability symptoms
  2. Improve staffs’ ability for stable employment
  1. Totally recruit 50 people with disabilities
  2.  Expand new disabilities list for three people with hearing impairment
  3. Awarded with “Excellent recruitment” prize by Taipei City Government
  4. Human resource for social public welfare increase 11% (45 to 50) YoY
Improve self-service usage 11/13 Increase the functions of APP and small network customer service, as well as self-service usage percentage
  1. Reduce human operation of international roaming service application
  2. Reduce clients request to re-print bills
  1. Avoid global warming caused by deforestation and stagnant CO2 generated from transportation
  2. Reduce CO2e emission 56kg
Enterprise e-store for staff members 11 Apply through internet, bundle mobile account with specific device 43,705 accounts have been applied in 2017 -- 26,809 accounts increase compared to last year.   Improve account application convenience through virtual channel. Clients from remote areas can also apply for the account through network at home.
Enterprise Opportunity & Process Management System for Business Client 11/12 Transfer customer data, opportunities, quotation, statement management system from e-mail, excel, to EOMS management and audit system:
  1. EOMS will compile customer data report, shift management, project evaluation, product price lists, and generate quotation after calculation when authorized
  2. Set different access permission of  query or modify  function on operation reports and customer data according to common user or administrator identity
The results in 2017 including:
  1. 15,146 quotation generated, each reduce half working day to process
  2. 2,866 customer accounts listed and 48,304 data shift recorded. Approximate four working hours  and 50 pieces of paperwork for approval could be saved in shift process each month.
  3. 4,481 fixed network assessment and 203 mobile signal assessment have been made. On average, one working day can be saved when processing the case.
Shorten processing time for various operations and reduce the amount of paper printed so as to achieve low carbon emission society by carrying out environmental protection and economic benefits objectives  
Software Reusable Tools 13 Reduce duplicated development with the help of software database Lower the overall development cost Reduce CO₂ emission 12,141.36 KGs by year  
Software-defined Networking, Server Virtualization and Data Center Energy Saving 7/9/13
  1. Use software-defined PCI virtualized network to separate network segment sharing hardware
  2. Activate shared servers on private cloud
  3. Substitute with high efficient air conditioner in data center
  1. Lower establishment cost around 50% as planned, and shorten around 70% establishment time for additional service
  2. Lower establishment cost around 60% as planned, and shorten around 70% establishment time for additional service
  3. Improve air-conditioners efficiency and economize electricity consumption
Save 550,00 kilowatt-hour electricity and reduce carbon emission 291.7 tons in total  
Mobile Office 11 Make mobile phone to be PC supplement and extension number in office Increase office extension pickup rate, reduce outbound mobile phone call charges, immediate work assignment to increase working efficiency Reduce the amount of extension number and phone lines used, reduce paper usage so as to lower carbon emission M+ can economize personal phone call charges of disadvantaged employees
Smart Energy-saving Management System 7/9/13
  1. Use remote circumstance detecting devices to monitor base station energy-consumption and gather relevant real-time information instead of human meter-reading to increase efficiency and to reduce carbon emission
  2. Accumulate information about energy-consumption and device replacement to estimate and manage various base station situation rather than to rely on experience
  3. Acquire exceptional monitoring report in real-time instead of verification after receiving the bill
  4. Evaluate energy-saving measures performance of various base stations in real-time for further implementing the best practices
  1. Reduce 8,439 human meter-reading trips by year
  2. Reduce CO2e emission 25.4 ton by year
  3. 23% electricity consumption exception has been detected and troubleshooting for service quality improvement can be done within three days
8,439 meter-reading trips around stations were required in 2017, most were executed by labor forces who drove company vehicles. Through the smart energy-saving system with automated remote meter-reading function, both labor forces and gasoline charges of company vehicles can be economized, carbon emission would be also efficiently reduced as well Use remote environmental detecting devices to calculate power failure span in remote rural regions, increase backup battery allocation in those base stations, shorten communication failure span when disaster strikes, and to reinforce communication quality for relief action. Make precise judgement on electricity consumption exceptional equipment through smart-metering monitoring, shorten troubleshooting time for base stations in remote rural regions, as well as to improve communication quality in those regions
Nokia SPM(spare card management) optimization 12/13
  1. Modify malfunction board card repair procedure
  2. Set test environment/test items
  3. Sum up the amount of test and repair board card
  4. Record repair history of each board card
  5. Record the results of board card testing
  1. Reported board cards repair amount has reduced 1,224 pieces
  2. Repair expense has reduced TWD 50.18 million
  3. Carbon emission has reduced 121.91 tons
By reducing board cards repair amount that should be delivered to Amsterdam, Netherland, not only the carbon emission through flight has been reduced, but also heavy metal pollution that could result from circuit board  
Energy-saving system (PUE1.5) for Data Center 7/9
  1. Connect iced-water-cooling circuits of air-conditioners to form a resource-sharing pool with controlling valves for connection
  2. High efficient iced-water air-conditioners in data center using environment control mechanism can precisely meet cooling requirements for IT equipment so as to be energy-efficient
  1. Electricity charges will be economized TWD 7,305,840 as forecast
  2. Postpone iced-water main machines, air-conditioner water towers and water treatment facilities will reduce TWD 6,547,689 install input cost
  3. Reduce 1,288 tons of CO2e emission
Connect iced-water circuits of different periods to form a resource-sharing pool so that all iced-water main machines will share the overall machine room loading and minimize iced-water main machines initiation and energy consumption  
Ethernet Microwave Backhaul for rural coverage 9
  1. FTTH infrastructure is difficult for remote rural region because of geography (mountain area or islands) or distance issues; however, high-speed Ethernet Microwave Backhaul can overcome such difficulty to cover base station in remote rural region with lower establish cost
  2. High-speed Ethernet Microwave Backhaul can serve 400Mbps transfer speed, with broader bandwidth than traditional microwave technology to fulfil 4G base station spec. requirement in remote rural region
Infrastructure cost of high-speed Ethernet Microwave Backhaul is lower than fully FTTH establishment High-speed Ethernet Microwave Backhaul can serve 400Mbps high transfer speed to fulfil 4G base station spec. requirement in remote rural region   There were 11 4G base stations established successfully in four remote rural regions (Fuxing Dist., Taoyuan City, Ren-ai and Xinyi Township, Nantou County, and Lieyu Township, Kinmen County ) in Nov. 2017 by adopting high-speed Ethernet Microwave Backhaul technology
Join TWM-E Procurement platform for charity purpose 1/11 Provide TWM suppliers with E-Procurement  system to increase purchase amount from 5,180 disadvantaged group or charity group Innovation KPIs:
Increase public exposure of disadvantaged group, enhance suppliers concerning about public welfare, promote procurement based on public welfare concept within value-chain
  Increase public exposure of disadvantaged group, enhance suppliers concerning about public welfare, promote procurement based on public welfare concept within value-chain