Core concept
Technology will bring considerable changes to the lives of our next generation. To meet the needs of our customers in a comprehensive manner, we endeavor to bring together every single aspect of mobile communication and mobile Internet access to provide them with "easy, simple and thoughtfully conceived" mobile experiences via a combination of merchandise, prices, services, image, perception and events.
Commitment and Actions
Mobility is at the very heart of innovation. In January 2017 we officially established the "Innovation Management Committee" upon approval by the Board of Directors. It is responsible for formulating our innovation and development strategies as well as mid- and long-term objectives. The committee is also charged with establishing a systematic management mechanism to effectively monitor the progress and accomplishments of various projects.

Achievements in 2016

  • Over 20 innovative products and services
  • In February 2016 we launched the "Wali" smart wallet service, which integrates the functionalities of both EasyCard and iPASS. Thus far over 400 different types of electronic tickets and coupons from 50 vendors have been made available on this platform.
  • In September 2016 we launched the "Fleet Manager" connected cars service, which helps enterprises to keep track of the movements of their vehicles in real time, to establish performance evaluation standards, and to improve service quality and management efficiency.
  • In November 2016 the "multi-level DDoS defense" service went online. It enables businesses to provide their customers with sustained and stable services in a more secure network environment.
  • Honored with the "Growth through Innovation" award at the 2016 Corporate Sustainability Awards
Vision and Target
In 2017 we will continue to invest in solutions for IoT, information security, OTT, cloud computing services and mobility-enabled applications. In the future, all industries will be tied to the idea of mobility, and we will no longer be providing only telecom services to them. We will see, in particular, the union of the cloud and innovative services, which will allow the telecom core network to migrate toward the current trend of cloud-based infrastructure.