Core concept
From the viewpoint of serving client’s demand, we spare no effort to product, service, and process innovation development. By means of greening value-chain to reduce carbon emission and of eliminating the obstacles from social value system, we hope to provide our clients with the best mobile experience from “smooth, simple and humane” aspects.
Commitment and Actions
Founded in Jan. 2017, the “Innovation Management Committee” is in charge of stipulating our innovation development strategy with mid- and long-term objectives and institutionalizing management mechanism in order to supervise the schedule and results of all innovation projects efficiently.

Achievements and Performance

  • Setting innovation KPIs for business groups, carrying out 30 product & service innovation items and 21 process innovation projects as a whole, promoting environmental protection and social innovation to be routine operation into business groups
  • Expanding product & service and process innovation taskforce, completing organization operation of the “Innovation Management Committee”
  • Innovation proposals ranging from eight fields, including business, environment, social public welfare, etc. with unlimited bonus rewards
  • Honored with the “Creative Communication Prize” in 2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award
Vision and planning
We will continue to focus on IOT, information security, OTT, cloud computation service and other mobilized application solutions. We will no longer regard ourselves as merely a telecommunication service provider but turn to provide combination service of cloud computation and innovation service. We hope to create the better environment and better society with the foresights and make the better life for our clients in the future.