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A Great Place to Work

Core concept
Talent is the key to sustaining the company’s core competitiveness. We believe that employees are partners for the company’s sustainable growth and thus we build a happy workplace, develop a comprehensive career development system, promote gender equality at work, offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, establish open communication channels between employer and employees, provide diverse training resources, encourage employees to pursue self-realization and achievement, reinforce employees’ sense of belonging and engagement, and eventually generate a sustainable future.
Commitment and Actions
TWM adheres to the principles of “integrity as a way of life, pursuing goals with enthusiasm, innovative thinking, and simplification” as our core values.
Our actions are guided by these core values and our principles for human resources also stem from these values:
  • We consider integrity and enthusiasm when hiring candidates. Integrity is the cornerstone of interpersonal interactions. Moreover, enthusiasm for services and learning is key to creating excellent customer experiences.
  • We firmly believe that innovation is the driving force for the company’s continuous growth and thus encourage employees to implement the concept of simplification and propose innovative ideas or better solutions to help the company become the leader in digital convergence.
  • Based on industry trends and corporate development strategies, we formulate talent development programs and courses for management level and professionals to enhance employees’ competency and career development opportunities.
  • We implement performance based staffing and remuerations policies, and adjust employees’ compensation and incentives based on their performance results.

Achievements and performance in 2018

  • TWM was awarded "Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace" by Health Promotion Administration
  • TWM was certified with “Excellent Breastfeeding room” by Taipei City Government
  • Average training hours per employee : 68.4 hours (met 2020 target two years ahead of schedule)
  • 76% employees "strongly agree" or "agree" that our working environment is friendly. (met 2020 target two years ahead of schedule)
  • Participants (person-times) in CSR related training courses : 38,659 (439% increase compared to 2017)
  • The revenue of integrated services generated from employees with B2B sales training increased NTD$93 million compared to 2017
  • Employees participated in Online Sports Competition via mySports app:3,011;calories consumed:10.16 million
  • Hired persons with disability 1.68 times above the statutory quota;longest seniority:26 years
  • 85% of pregnant employees received prenatal education
  • 81% of postnatal employees received caring phone calls
Vision and future plans
Continue to promote diverse, inclusive and equal working environment, hold activities to support employee’s self-realization, and provide various CSR online courses and educational programs to encourage all employees to implement CSR and generate the long-term growth of the company.

Targets for 2019

  • Develop customized annual training plans based on business development, and keep tracking average training hours per employee
  • Continuous improvement in fostering a friendly workplace, and keep tracking the level of employee satisfaction on workplace
  • Offer more employee assistance programs
  • Conduct employee physical examinations
  • Formulate weight management programs and online employee sports contests by utilizing mySports app
  • Continuously promote the employment of disabled persons
  • 85% of pregnant employees receive prenatal education
  • 85% of postnatal employees receive caring phone calls