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Ethical Operation

Core Concept
Adhere to the principle of integrity, implement corporate social responsibility, and create maximum value for stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, competent authorities, community/NGO, customers, shareholders/investors, media and rating agencies.
Commitment and Action
Take the corporate governance of international benchmark as self-demand, transparency and integrity as the operating basis, provide customers with the best quality communication and digital convergence services, and create the best customer experience. We also actively formulate sustainable management strategies and use digital resources to build new digital public welfare technology as a concrete practice of being responsible to stakeholders.
Results and Performance in 2018
  • Net profit after-tax of NT$ 13.6 billion
  • EBITDA amounted to NT$ 31.7 billion
  • Total consolidated revenue reached NT$ 118.7 billion
  • Earnings per share ranked first in telecommunications industry for 7 consecutive years
  • Top 5% for Corporate Governance Assessment
  • Top 1% in Information security management in the global same inudusty
  • Top 10% in Human rights in the global same industry
  • Set a target of at least one female director by 2020
  • Taxation
  • 2018 Revenues and Operating Profits mostly came from domestic market, which were accounted for over 97%. The Group was exempt from income tax under the conditions that they received dividends by investing in other domestic profit-seeking businesses, and they were eligible for investment tax credit. Otherwise, the Group paid profit-seeking enterprise income tax pursuant to statutory rate of 20% and 17% in 2018 and 2017, respectively. All income taxes were paid to the government of the Republic of China by the group.

    Currency: In thousands of New Taiwan dollars

    Financial Reporting FY 2017 FY 2018 Calculated Average
    Earnings before Tax 17,631,283 17,689,217
    Reported Taxes 2,682,496 3,203,449
    Cash Taxes Paid 3,855,943 2,667,261
    Reported Tax Rate (in %) Note 1 15.2144% 18.1096% 16.6644%
    Cash Tax Rate (in %) Note 2 21.8699% 15.0785% 18.4686%
    Note 1 Reported Tax Rate= Reported Taxes/ Earnings before Tax
    Note 2Cash Tax Rate= Cash Taxes Paid/ Earnings before Tax

2019 Objective

  • "Corporate Governance Assessment maintains at Top 5%
  • Look for suitable female directors and discuss feasible lists internally
  • Zero tolerance of any violation of Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles
  • Maintain Top 15% in Information Security Management in the same industry
  • Maintain Top 15% in Human Rights Management in the same industry