Ethical Operation

Core Vision
Implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) based on the concept of integrity, creating the greatest value for stakeholders including employees, suppliers, government institutions, the community/NGO, clients, shareholders/investors, the media, and rating agencies.
Commitments and Actions
The corporate governance practices of Taiwan Mobile (hereinafter “TWM” or “the Company”) are based on international standards. The operations are founded on transparency and integrity, providing optimal telecommunications and digital convergence services for customers to ‘provide customers with the best user experience.’ The Company also actively implements sustainable operations strategies and builds digital welfare technologies with digital resources as ways to realize its responsibilities to its stakeholders in action.

  • 2017 consolidated revenue reached NT$ 117.2 billion
  • 2017 EBITDA amounted to NT$ 32.8 billion
  • 2017 After-tax income NT$ 14.2 billion
  • 2017 EPS ranked first within telecom industry for six consecutive years
  • Taxation
    The Group is exempt from income tax under the conditions that they receive dividends by investing in other domestic profit-seeking businesses, and they are eligible for investment tax credit in accordance with the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects. Otherwise, the Group pays profit-seeking enterprise income tax pursuant to statutory rate of 17%.
    Currency: In thousands of new Taiwan dollars
    Financial Reporting FY 2016 FY 2017 Calculated Average
    Earnings before Tax 19,191,472  17,631,283 18,411,378
    Reported Taxes 3,263,029  2,682,496 2,972,763
    Cash Taxes Paid 4,004,476 3,855,943 3,930,210
    Reported Tax Rate (in %) Note 1 17.0025% 15.2144% 16.1463%
    Cash Tax Rate (in %) Note 2 20.8659% 21.8699% 21.3466%
    Note 1 Reported Tax Rate= Reported Taxes/ Earnings before Tax
    Note 2Cash Tax Rate= Cash Taxes Paid/ Earnings before Tax
  • 2017 In ‘Corporate Governance Assessment’ the Company ranked within the top 5% in for three consecutive years
  • The Company was presented with the awards for ‘Transparency and Integrity Award’ of 2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards
  • Awarded by Corporate Governance Asia Magazine as ‘Best Investor Relations Company’ and ‘Best CFO’ of Asia Excellence Awards
Vision and Planning
In terms of telecommunications service, the Company will provide diversified and differentiated new media service to continue driving the growth of innovative and value-added services. As to the cable TV services, TWM will continue to strengthen the image quality and contents of channels, increasing product competitiveness. For retail, the business scope will be expected to expand and effectiveness of deliveries will be increased. TWN will sustain its B2C leadership position.