Ethical Operation

Core concept
Providing comprehensive communication and digital convergence services based on the core philosophy of "creating the best user experience for our customers" and becoming a benchmark enterprise in the ICT industry. We adhere to the basic philosophy of "integrity" and fulfill our corporate social responsibility for the purposes of creating maximum value when for all stakeholders: our employees, suppliers, competent authorities, communities/NGOs, customers, shareholders/investors, media, and appraisal organizations.
Commitment and Actions
We are committed to corporate governance based on international standards and to making transparency and integrity the foundation of our business operation. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality communication and digital convergence services. We actively develop sustainability-based business strategies and employ digital resources to build new technologies for digital welfare. These specific practices represent our responsibility and commitment to all stakeholders.

Achievements and performance

  • In 2016 our total consolidated revenue reached a historic high of NT$116.6 billion
    • BITDA was NT$33.9 billion, a 5% increase over the previous year
    • Net operating profit was NT$20 billion, a 7% increase compared with the previous year
    • Our EPS topped all other telecom carriers for the fifth consecutive year
  • Green procurement amounted to NT$336 million (an increase of 56.97%)
  • We completed the sustainability appraisal of 250 suppliers and carried out on-site inspections of 20 of them
  • We ranked among 5% in the Corporate Governance Assessment
  • We were honored with the Transparency Award at the 2016 Corporate Sustainability Awards
  • We received the "Best investor relations", "Best corporate social responsibility" and "Best CFO" awards for 2016 from Corporate Governance Asia magazine
  • We were honored with "2016 Asia’s Best Companies Poll", "Best managed public companies" in Taiwan, "Best corporate governance", and "Best investor relations" by the FinanceAsia magazine.
  • Financial capital input 78.7billion
Vision and Target
We will continue to enhance the efficiency of our telecom operations and improve the EBITDA. Making 4G rate plans and mobile phone subsidies more reasonable are two of the business focuses in 2017, so that we can raise the ROI of our 4G business and to create maximum benefits for our shareholders. In addition, we will continue to adhere to and implement the CSR guidelines in our overall business governance strategies. We also participate actively in international appraisals (such as DJSI and CDP) to evaluate the performance of our implementation and to provide incentive for fulfilling strategic goals in order to enhance our global competitiveness.

Targets for 2017

  • Total revenue increased by 2% over the previous year
  • 4G penetration rate reached 72%