Core concept
We are now facing tremendous challenges from global climate change. Leading by example, Taiwan Mobile is committed to reducing carbon emissions from operational activities, developing environmental strategies, and improving the efficiency in resource utilization. At the same time we also aim to fulfill our responsibility in protecting the environment by taking advantage of our core capabilities in the communications industry to provide green products and services.

Commitment and Actions

  • The Environmental Management Committee develops environmental policies and objectives, pursues ISO certifications and develops smart energy conservation.
  • Carbon risk management: We review the performance of our energy saving and carbon reduction efforts and track greenhouse gas inventories on a regular basis
  • Renewable energy applications: We continue to support green energy initiatives and expand the construction of our green energy infrastructure.
  • Resource conservation and waste recycling: We continue to improve the efficiency of resource utilization and dispose of general business waste properly.

Achievements and performance

  • Achieving greenhouse gas reduction by 9,956 tons of CO2e compared to 2016
  • For the first time, compiling the inventory of Scope 3 carbon footprint in the areas of goods and services purchasing and product use
  • Importing planning for science-based target (SBT) and internal carbon price
  • Electricity consumption decreased by 3.8% from 2016, totaling 17,764,448 kWh
  • Green electricity purchases and spontaneous use amounted to 3,392,280 kWh
  • Operational waste has mainly adopted "physical treatment" method for environmental protection, which effectively recovers of materials up to 67% (if the part of the cable is deducted, the number is up to 93%)
  • The operation waste management is commissioned to qualified A-level companies and the disposal process is reported to the EPA management system.
  • Participated in the Energy Conservation Standard Award organized by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs and was awarded the "Energy Saving Elite Trophy"
  • Promoting Green Energy Initiative "TWM Green Energy Initiative a Brighter, More Sustainable Future" for three consecutive years
  • The cumulative total of solar power generation is 80 kW, and crowdfunding is initiated for disadvantaged groups to generate 100 kW for charity.
  • Participated with Deutsche Telekom and GeSI to discuss the impact of the ICT industry on global climate change and response at the meeting in Bonn, Germany on November 14, 2017, and actively discussed the issue of ICT industry leading the global industries to sustainable transformation.

Vision and planning

Continuing to formulate and examine environmental performance management goals and implementing sustainable environmental management.