Core concept
We are now facing tremendous challenges from global climate change. Leading by example, Taiwan Mobile is committed to reducing carbon emissions from operational activities, developing environmental strategies, and improving the efficiency in resource utilization. At the same time we also aim to fulfill our responsibility in protecting the environment by taking advantage of our core capabilities in the communications industry to provide green products and services.
Commitment and Actions
The Environmental Management Committee develops environmental policies and objectives, pursues ISO certifications and develops smart energy conservation.
  • Carbon risk management: We review the performance of our energy saving and carbon reduction efforts and track greenhouse gas inventories on a regular basis
  • Resource conservation and waste recycling: We continue to improve the efficiency of resource utilization and dispose of general business waste properly.

Renewable energy applications: We continue to support green energy initiatives and expand the construction of our green energy infrastructure.

Achievements and performance

  • Achieving greenhouse gas reduction by 7,748ton CO2e (the electricity emission coefficient used is based on that specified in ISO14064)
  • Carbon footprint of employee commuting business travel: 3,535 ton CO2e
  • Carbon footprint internal logistics: 44,140 ton CO2e
  • The first telecom operator to have been certified in the new version of ISO140001
  • Promotion of the green initiative "TWM Green Energy Promises a Brighter, More Sustainable Future"
  • Subscription to 1.4 million kWh of green power
  • Green-energy construction: 52kW
  • We created the country's first "Product Category Rules (PCR) for the standardization of online multimedia services - video content, music and e-books"
  • Each of the series of myVideo, myMusic and myBook services has been awarded the "Product Carbon Footprint Label"
  • Engineering vehicles have employed the "Fleet Manager" app (smart fuel monitoring system)
  • Savings of 720 ton CO2e per year in the management of the external logistics fleet.
  • Natural capital input :0.36 billion.

Vision and Target

We have developed a set of environmental performance management objectives to fulfill environmental sustainability management.

  • Carbon reduction: An absolute reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 1% in 2017; 2025 greenhouse gas emission levels level is 9% below the 2016 level
  • Power saving: 2025 power consumption level is 9% below the 2016 level
  • Water conservation: Savings of 1% per year between 2017 and 2020
  • Waste reduction: Reducing general business waste by 2% per year between 2017 and 2020
  • Green energy:
    • Achieving accumulated installed green energy capacity to at least 250 kW by to 2020 and growth of long-term green energy utilization of 10% per year
    • 25% of Cloud IDC’s electricity consumption will come from renewable energy sources by 2020
  • Fuel conservation: The consumption of fuel by engineering vehicles reduced by 8% in 2017
  • Research: Developing Science Based Target (SBT) and Internal Carbon Price objectives