Enabling welfare technicalization

i-Infinity Digital Welfare
Since 2012, we have assisted charity groups in developing mobile applications. As of today, we have helped five charity groups develop 4 apps and 1 NFC smart tracking wristband (3 relatively more mature apps were donated to charity groups for operation).

Furthermore, we also cooperated with Micro Movie group winners of the myfone Mobile Composition Award to produce micro movies for charity groups and provide online marketing rewards. As of December 2016, our program had helped 16 charity groups to solicit over NT$19.83million in donation.

A Music Note Cruising Off Course on its Staff
  • Director:Chien-Kai Hong
  • Partnering organizations:Sino Shepherds Youth Care Association
  • Topics of Concern:Adolescent counseling
Listening to the Songs of VuVu
  • Director:Wen-tang Lin
  • Partnering organizations:Jieh Huey Social Welfare & Charity Foundation
  • opics of Concern:Health care for economically disadvantaged indigenous senior citizens
My Martian Mother
  • Director:Ching-Ren Su
  • Partnering organizations:I-Link Community Services Associations (Taiwan)
  • opics of Concern:Cultural identity of foreign spouses and new children of Taiwan

To shed light on the social impact of charity micro movie projects, Taiwan Mobile introduced the concept of social return on investment (SROI), converting the social influence of a project into monetary forms. For example, we assisted the Taiwan People's Food Bank in the production of a micro movie “Temperature" to deliver the message—no waste, no hunger. The result indicated that the SROI of this i-infinity charity micro movie amounted to NT$ 2.968 billion, and compared with the cost invested by various stakeholders, the SROI value was 8.7, which is equivalent to a benefit of NT$8.7 for every dollar of investment made.