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Enable welfare with technology

i-Infinity Digital Welfare
Since 2012, we have assisted charity groups in developing mobile applications. As of today, we develop 4 apps, one NFC Smart Tracking Wristband and one "send love through marble" creative donation box have been developed for six public welfare organizations.. Each project spanned approximately 2 years, helping NPOs walk the first mile of their journey toward a digital world, and 3 relatively more mature apps were donated to charity groups for operation.
Eye control early treatment game "Euploea Fun Winter"
Social Enterprise - Sensi Co., Ltd. / Taiwan Mobile Foundation Cooperated with social enterprises with patents for eye control software development in 2018 and designed the theme of Taiwan's conserved insect Euploea for children with moderate to severe physical and mental disabilities. It is expected to be officially published in 2019 to help children who are not recognized as having communication skills to practice to express their self-awareness through eye control, tap their potential and open a window for them to communicate with the world.

iSharing Volunteer Platform

Taiwan Mobile Foundation

  • 243 social welfare groups joined
  • More than 39,354 downloads and nearly 3,000 volunteers and material donations
  • 5 tour lectures in 2018, more than 2,000 participants
NFC Smart Tracking Wristband
Bjorgaas foundation/ Elderly welfare promotion alliance
Plan for more diversified applications of 5G technology in the future
TWM also cooperated with Micro Movie group winners of the myfone Mobile Composition Award to produce micro movies for charity groups and provide online marketing rewards. Within 3 months after a micro movie is uploaded onto YouTube, Taiwan Mobile Foundation donates NT$1 for every click through rate (maximum of NT$100,000). Up to now, it has helped 19 public welfare organizations to raise funds up to NT$25 million. In 2018, TWM also continued to produce microfilms for 3 non-profit organizations and plans to go online in March 2019.

3 microfilms for non-profit organizations

Filmed in 2018 and launched in 2019

Cooperative group Focused issues Film Title Video link Director
Taiwan Animal Equality Association Animal rights If they had a dream Han, Hsiu-Yu
Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation Oral cancer and betel nut transform My dad is a superhero Yang, Cheng-Hsueh
Taipei Parents' Association for the Visually Impaired Visually Impaired children Silverlining Lien, chien-hui
iSharing- Happy and Warm Little Hearts
After launching the “iSharing Happy and Warm Little Hearts” Wish Raising Campaign in 2015, the Taiwan Mobile Foundation, the Beunen Foundation and the Double Bliss Welfare and Charity Foundation joined hands in 2018 to raise winter solstice gifts for 308 ill children in just 18 days. Taiwan Mobile Foundation held a "Gathering the Heart to Give Love" Year-end Happy Party to give the wish gift to the critically ill child on the Christmas Eve, and send the love together to make the gift weight exceed the imagination!
5180 Mobile Donation
In December 2005, TWM introduced the "5180 Mobile Donation" platform which allows users to make small monetary contributions. The platform takes advantage of the convenience of the mobile phone and combines interactive voice response (IVR) of telecommunication operators, apps, and back-end services. Beginning in March 2016, we no longer charge third-party collection fees and provide 100% of the donor's contribution and love to social welfare organizations that have joined the 5180 Mobile Donation service. From the launch of December 2005 to February 2018, 104 social welfare groups have joined the platform, accumulating a donation of :
Mobile Health
TWM cooperate with Taitung Christian Hospital has been deeply rooted in the past, and has long supported the communication equipment of mobile medical vehicles. It has traveled between disadvantaged groups to provide medical care and health protection. In 2018, the number of mobile medical vehicles served was 6,095, and the cumulative service reached 61,062. In 2018, an upgraded version of the "Mood Thermometer App" was launched to help people consciously manage stress and maintain mental health. Taiwan Mobile Telecom sponsored the Taiwan Suicide Prevention Society's programming and marketing promotion.