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Emergency Responses

Mobile base stations
The mobile base station was established to respond to disasters in the disaster-stricken area. The base station could not communicate with the outside world, providing voice calls and mobile internet access in the disaster-stricken areas. 20 mobile broadband systems (UMTS/LTE) base stations have been completed.
Disaster Prevention SMS
Taiwan is located in the multi-seismic fault zone and in the area typhoons frequent, hence being susceptible to such natural disasters as typhoons, floods, mudslides, slope land collapses, earthquakes, etc. we built the Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) system. The system has allowed the national disaster prevention-related competent authority to send cell broadcast alarm messages to the user terminal devices in specific areas, herewith we assist the government to complete disaster prevention and relief network.
Disaster prevention and Contingency Rehearsal
In 2018, in addition to the annual routine and critical infrastructure disaster prevention drills, cooperate with the NCC of the competent authority to implement the telecommunications business network domain name server protection drills. Through various simulations of the situation, the pre-/middle/post-protection mechanism, start-up notification, response and disposal procedures are reviewed to verify the overall protection strategy and resilience to reduce the operational impact of accidents on customers and the Company.Through complete contingency process, combined with the BCM (Business Continuity Management, BCM) management mechanism, the followings were achieved:
  • Establish a concept of full disaster protection and implement critical infrastructure risk management
  • Count and check critical infrastructures, develop facility protection programs, and enhance protective strain energy
  • Establish a security joint defense management system in conjunction with the public sector notification mechanism
Establish of Disaster Prevention Mobile Communication Platform
Cooperate with the government to promote the forward-looking infrastructure "Strengthening the disaster prevention operational communication infrastructure plan", and establish a fixed-point and mobile disaster prevention mobile communication platform to enhance the survival rate of the base station after the disaster.
  • Fixed-point disaster prevention mobile communication platform: In 2018, a total of 98 platforms with more than 72 hours of power backup were built in a co-constructed co-location mode to provide sustainable mobile communication services in the event of a disruption in utility power.
  • Building a mobilized mobile communication platform: Apply to NCC for the construction of six mobilized mobile communication vehicles with off-road nature. In the event of power outages or equipment damage, it is necessary to effectively mobilize emergency operations communication services in disaster areas, strengthen the coverage of mobile communication network base stations in the rural areas, and maintain uninterrupted communication in the disaster areas and play the role of "lifeline". After the disaster prevention operation communication fixed-point platform and the mobilized mobile vehicle were established, it can also be combined with the local fire rescue system, the disaster prevention and warning system (PWS) in the rural areas, the rural broadcasting system in the neighboring areas, and the radio system and mobile communication system for emergency disaster notification in the rural areas to improve the overall disaster prevention efficiency.