Customer Experiences

Customer service commitments
We embrace the core values of “Integrity, Innovation, Passion, and Simplification” with the goal of creating the best customer experiences with a lifestyle based on mobility and intelligence. We continue to adhere to our five major commitments for providing a full range of services.

Service quality certification

We began to actively implement the Society Generale Surveillance (SGS) service quality certification system in 2012. Every year since the world's most recognized service certification agency has put its stamp of approval on our service records, which indicates that our service quality and standards are up to par and are in line with international practices.

ISO 10002:2014
Customer service hotline and handling procedures
Handling procedures for all service avenues
Customer satisfaction
We continue to employ a variety of market survey tools (e.g. telephone interviews, internet surveys, focus group discussions) to track and review the cases in order to improve customer satisfaction. Every year we plan various research projects in detail. The scope of our surveys spans across the entire market and also covers individual users. We endeavor to understand the needs of our customers and how they think on a regularly basis and, based on the results of surveys, we develop plans to improve our services or business strategy so as to improve user satisfaction. Since 2016, annual surveys for enterprise and home business clients have been conducted as well, by online questionnaire and telephone respectively. The findings from these surveys are used as a reference to set new objectives and improve service quality. In all, about 85% of the consumer, enterprise and home business clients were reported to be satisfied in 2017.
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Customer satisfaction (%) 2015 2016 2017
Consumer Business Clients 86 87 85
Enterprise Business Clients - 82 88
Home Business Clients - 81 85

Note 1 Satisfaction indicators selected for Consumer, Enterprise and Home Business are “customer hotline service”, “customer hotline service” and “installation and maintenance service” respectively.

Note 3 Customer satisfaction (%) refers to the percentage of respondents who chose “very satisfied” and “satisfied.”

Note 2 To comprehensively monitor customer satisfaction, the satisfaction evaluation for this year encompassed 7 phone surveys, and the particulars are incorporated with customer satisfaction IVR survey, including in-store visits and phone calls. The satisfaction rating will adopt a five-point assessment and will be retrospective until year 2015.