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Cultivate social care

New Year Banquet Volunteer Service for Senior Citizens in Hualie
In 2018, this event took place for 12 years. More than 100 volunteers went to Hualien to provide the warmest companionship for the elderly, including the purchase of daily products (NT$1,000 gift coupon per person), the gathering meal and performance, annual gift drawing and games so the elders can have a good new year festival.
Corporate Volunteers
TWM actively uses its core competencies and corporate resources to achieve social welfare and environmental responsibility. The "Corporate Volunteer Guidelines" has been implemented since 2007. Through the care for the disadvantaged, the promotion of multiple cultural services, environmental protection and other multi-oriented volunteer services, the company, employees and the society are closely linked. In total, 541 people participated in volunteer services in 2018, and the service hours reached 4,294 hours.
Multiple Rate Plan
  • Online discount program for students and elders

    Promoting silver hair (elderly) and student 4G monthly payment NT$699 (from 2017/11) package: In addition to providing 4G high-speed unlimited plan, more were added to provide intra-network free calls (starting from 2018/6), so that this group of users can enjoy premium telecommunications services at better monthly payment rates than the average user. Promote 4G tide generation student plan (from 2018/8): Provide a single number or a mobile phone series for students and faculty members to apply, starting with a minimum monthly plan of NT$488. In addition to providing unlimited monthly in-network calls and internet usage, the monthly payment NT$688-type program provides free local calls for 100 minutes per month. Approximately 491, 463 people benefited from this plan. Promote 4G silver hair plan (from 2017/5): NT$ 149 per month, so that the silver hair group can still enjoy excellent preferential calls in the internet dominant 4G era, and benefited about 34,579 people in 2018.

  • A friendly plan for foreign travelers and new immigrants

    TWM launched a prepaid card for making international calls home for 710,000 foreign workers throughout Taiwan. Every day, there are preferential hours to take care of these economically disadvantaged people who have left their homes (providing 50% to 60% discount rate). Prepaid card offers for foreign travelers. Prepaid cards are offered at designated retail stores in Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport. Provide a variety of voice and mobile internet combination plans, allowing foreign visitors enjoy quality telecommunications services in Taiwan.

Low-income Households Television Subsidy
To support the government's policy to provide assistance to low-income families, TWM Broadband has for long offered special cable TV discounts to disadvantaged groups, such as senior centers, nursing homes, local community activity centers and other social welfare organizations
Outstanding store managers' community services
TWM dedicated hundreds of hours to public services, and more than 2,600 people participated, assisting disadvantaged groups to feel social warmth. 39 colleagues have been selected as "National Store Excellent Store Managers," and four of them have won the "National Store Outstanding Store Manager" award and have become the best example of Taiwan's frontline colleagues!
Little Anchor Camp
TWM Broadband's Mangrove Cable TV and GlobalView Cable TV specially planned "Little Anchor Experience" for serving and giving feedback to local Taiwanese young students. The children in the school can broadcast in the studio and experience the job as anchor. In 2018, there were 23events in total. There were 39 participating schools, and a total of 443 students participated.