Competitive Remuneration

Based on our belief that “employees are our most important asset”and our principle of “maintaining balance between the interests of employees and shareholders,” we provide competitive compensation packages for attracting and retaining the best talent.

Our standard starting salary is higher than the minimum wage set by the government, and Taiwan Mobile is listed in Taiwan’s Top salary 100 Index for three consecutive years. be ranked within the 2016 Taiwan HC 100 Index for three consecutive years In order to maintain the competitiveness of our total compensation, we appropriately adjust employees’salaries annually, taking the results of global salary surveys, market salary scales, our financial, operational performance and future growth into consideration.

We have defined a reasonable remuneration policy with performance-based pay. We conduct regular performance evaluations for all employees, taking the achievements of objectives, competencies and the following factors into consideration :

  • Multidimensional evaluation and feedback system : Employees conduct multidimensional mutual reviews of fellow employees, including subordinates, supervisors and peers. Supervisors can discuss the feedback obtained from the reviews with their subordinates to assess their overall performance score for the year and to set targets and personal training plans for the following year.
  • CSR: Employees whose job responsibilities are involved with CSR related work set annual targets for fulfilling CSR objectives. Supervisors are asked to provide comprehensive evaluations on employees' participation in CSR activities as well as their degrees of involvement. Human resources division provides each employee’s volunteer service hours and CSR related training hours to supervisors as reference. Thus, we incorporate CSR into employees' annual performance assessment.
  • Risk management: If there is a violation of information security policy, the records will be noted in the employee’s performance evaluation. Employees who are successful in reaching their targets received favorable reviews, and they are also able to earn bonuses and higher percentages in salary increase.

TWM is an equal employment opportunity employer, and its practices center on the principles of open and fair recruitment. We give all entry-level specialists the same remuneration. Remuneration for candidates with working experiences is evaluated according to their education, experiences, specialty and certification. There is no discrimination based on gender, age, marital status, race or disability in terms of remuneration.

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Ratio of basic salaries of male/female employees(female being 1)
Assistant manager or higher 1.12 1.05 0.95
Below assistant manager 1.14 0.97 0.96 1.05 1.08
Ratio of men's average annual salary (including performance incentives) to women (women being 1) Assistant manager or higher 1.00 1.02 0.95
Below assistant manager 1.17 0.97 1.00 1.05 1.06
Ratio of the company’s standard starting salary to Taiwan's minimum wage in 2016  1.6~1.8 1.33~1.57 1.047~1.57  1.3~1.4  1.35~1.46
In 2016, the ratio of the highest individual annual income to the median individual income of other employees was  27.78:1
In 2016, the ratio of percentage increase of the highest individual annual income to the percentage increase of other employees' individual income was 1.52:1
Comparison is based on basic monthly salary only