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Career Development and Training

We have spared no efforts in creating a sustainable and diversified environment for learning and development, and to cultivate employees with high commitment, so that we can solidify our foundation for corporate excellence. To be the leader in the digital convergence, we have continued our cultivation in the areas of technology, products, services, tendencies, and mindsets, so that we may achieve a win-win goal in employees’ growth and self-realization, as well as corporate performance upgrade.

We develop corresponding training programs and development paths of management and professional in accordance with the trends of industries and enterprise development strategies.

  • At the end of every year, we conduct training needs survey by collecting the information of industry tendency, arranging interviews with top executives, assessing the competency gap and the employees' questionnaires to ensure that the annual training plan can meet the business strategies, work requirements and employees' development.
  • Supervisors provide customized coach and training to their subordinates in accordance with division goals, subordinates’ annual objectives and career development plans, and feedback obtained from multidimensional system.
  • We endeavor to shape the learning organization through facilitating knowledge sharing and leveraging internal know-how.
  • For all employees from new hires to top executives, we provide complete and diversified training categories to satisfy employee needs in different career stages.
  • The rate for employee’s attendance to training courses was 100%.

Number of training hours for TWM employees in the past three years

Item 2016 2017 2018
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Deputy manager or higher 22.9 24.4 31.0 28.5 54.0 53.2
Below deputy manager 32.1 25.9 58.6 56.5 91.0 85.7
Average by gender 31 25.8 56.1 55.1 71.2 64.9
Average training hours per employee 28.8 55.6 68.4
Note: Average training hours per employee in 2018: Taiwan Fixed Network: 48.0; Taiwan Teleservices & Technologies: 53.0; Taiwan Digital Service: 60.6; Taihsin Property Insurance Agent:35.5; TWM Broadband: 11.0; Taiwan Kuro Times Co., Ltd. 1.2

Training and development categories and results in 2018

Ensuring the training quality and actual learning
To ensure the effects and quality of training courses, our training system incorporates “needs analysis” and “in-depth planning” before a program begins, and follows up with performance assessment and review after a program ends. If training programs fail to meet their satisfaction indicators, they are carefully reviewed and corrective actions are taken immediately. Thus, our course satisfaction increased to 93 (2.3% higher than target) in 2018.
To keep abreast of changes in industry, the development of technical competencies has been the focus of our long-term plan, which includes.
  • Supervisors assess employees’ professional capabilities and certificates regularly.
  • To keep our competitiveness, we formulate technical skills and certifications needed in congruence with emerging technologies to provide appropriate professional training to employees and certify their skill development.
  • In 2018, employees who had passed certification exhibited around NTD 105,130,000 revenue contributions.

Develop and retain talent to build up a positive cycle for the Company

  • Talent management: Key positions and managers who show potential were identified as the basis for future cultivation and assistance in personal development. Hi-po employees have a tailor-made training and development plan (IDP, Individual Development Plan), which is implemented and reviewed quarterly. In 2018, all hi-po employees had developed their IDPs, the complete rate of those talents' IDP was 89.1%, and 24 talents had already been appointed to serve key positions.
  • With the implementation of succession plan, we can build, retain talents, strengthen the company’s competitiveness, and match internal employees with available executive positions internal recruiting. Recently, we promoted two senior executives (CTO, CDO) due to the effective succession plan.
  • Internal know-how sharing: We invited not only employees but also top executives to be lecturers on important issues such as industry trends, markets, proper attitudes in workplaces, etc..
  • New employees Care Programs: Through the implementation of orientation, questionnaires, dedicated counselors, social media, manuals, seminars, etc., we enabled new employees quickly adapt to the new environment and become more productive.
  • We have moved our focus from lagging indicators to leading ones: According to employees’ survey results, we have formulated follow-up action plans and tracked the effects of these actions taken to increase employee loyalty and retention rate.

Figure: TWM Talk Seminar: President and Chief Technology Officer shared opportunities and challenges in 5G and IoT era.

Building a diverse and inclusive culture
Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our culture and core values. We are committed to building a thriving community of diverse professionals – one with different perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds that contribute to a diverse and inclusive culture.We believe that gender diversity supports corporate outperformance through access to a bigger talent pool, a reputation as a more attractive employer for skilled people, higher retention of top talent, and more motivated employees. In order to accelerate gender diversity and inclusive culture, in 2018 we implemented several measures which are listed in the table below.
  • We conducted a series of training activities, including female executives’ forum, e-learning on unconscious bias, and watching movies which relate to gender equality or respect for differences. These training activities are designed to promote successful careers for women, raise their awareness of career development, and foster an inclusive workplace.
  • If a vacancy is open, at least two female candidates must be provided to the hiring managers.
  • 100% of our committees include female member.
  • Female employees are entitled to take fully paid maternity leave, which totaled 58,752 hours in 2018. If a pregnant employee can’t work for medical reasons, she will be entitled to take partially paid, job-protected leave until the birth of the child, and the leave totaled 20,442 hours in 2018.
  • We encourage employees to express their thanks or greetings to peers, subordinates or supervisors. We initiated “thank-giving e card” activity in 2018, and around 8,100 ecards are sent within two weeks.
Performance management and career development
TWM continues to encourage employee’s involvement in career management, to raise awareness and promote a proactive attitude in individuals. We create career advancement opportunities by allowing employees to work according to their talents. There is an annual performance evaluation system which makes employees aware of the company’s goals as well as their personal goals. Employees can express their career development objectives through online career development survey. Supervisors shall periodically discuss with employees about career plans & suggest courses are relevant to the future careers. The results of evaluations shall be used as a reference to consider compensation and benefits for the employees, and also used for career advancement and development.
We conduct performance evaluations for all employees on a regular basis. All objectives are set based on supervisor/employee’s two way communication & consensus at the beginning of the year. At year-end, employee’s supervisors, peers, and subordinates can give feedback to the employee through multifaceted appraisal system. In order to implement open and transparent culture, feedback is given by employees using his/her real-name and provided specific instance to support its credibility and validity. The objective of this practice is to help each individual understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, which become the basis of his or her personal development. We also hope that this approach will help employees learn how to work with others in an efficient manner and to improve performance as a team. Based on the employee’s performance, feedback gained from multifaceted appraisal system and career plan, supervisors discuss with employee personally, give feedback, and suggest the competencies needed to be developed for the employee.
After the grades of performance evaluation have been finalized, supervisors will officially notify their subordinates of the results. The degree of communicative effectiveness is also examined by conducting a survey of all employees to determine if supervisors have clearly communicated the results of the appraisals to the employees and explained the matters that require improvements to guide their corrective action and keep track on the correction until improvement is made under appropriate procedures.
Employees are given effective assistance on self-development by getting the input from supervisors, peers, and subordinates. Employees will collaborate with supervisors to create their own "Optimal Course Package", which becomes their Individual development plan for the following year. This helps employees acquire the knowledge and skills they need at work or for their next role in an organized and systematic manner. This gives employees a better understanding of their personal career, help them prepare for future developments, and fulfill the goal of enhancing performance and development skills.
Apart from a tailored individual development program, we offer employees a wide variety of career development opportunities. TWM and its subsidiaries’ job vacancies are all posted on intranet and employees can apply through the internal recruiting process for job transfer. The Company respects employee transfer decisions in principle. Encourage employees to take initiative to plan and arrange their own career path, which accelerates internal talent mobility simultaneously.