Taiwan Mobile earned "Award of Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility" for the 14th time

September 30,2021

The annual award ceremony of the 15th "Award of Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility" hosted by CommonWealth Magazine was held on Sept. 30. This year, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. was honored as the fourth best large corporation and the best telecommunication company -- the sixth time that it gained the top ranking -- underlining its long time dedication to sustainability.

Taiwan Mobile scored outstandingly in all four criteria, especially in "corporate governance," where it was selected as runner up among all large corporations assessed in said category and praised as a "role model" of them. This is due to Taiwan Mobile's recruitment of more than half independent directors in the entire board of directors, exhibiting a high diversity in board members with regard to gender, nationality and profession.

"Taiwan Mobile has upheld the highest standard when it comes to corporate governance. Five out of its nine board directors are independent directors, each an internationally acclaimed expert in fields such as telecommunication, technology firm management or experts in cyber security, venture capital and innovation with legal backgrounds," Taiwan Mobile Chairman Daniel Tsai said.

"What's more sexual equality was also achieved, which serves as a mean to lead Taiwan Mobile into a global benchmark of Corporate Social Responsibility both independently and holistically. Ever since the starting of 5G last year, Taiwan Mobile redefined its brand's core spirit as "Open Possible." We are glad to see that our coworkers are challenging themselves in ESG (environmental, social, governance), creating better and sustainable values in each of the three aspects," Tsai said.

In view of the shortage in renewable energy due to acute climate change, Taiwan Mobile President Jaime Lin said in his speech when accepting the award on behalf of the company that: "Taiwan Mobile will strive to reach RE100 (100% consumption of renewable electricity) as early as 2030 or at latest in 2040.

The ten year gap is due to a deficiency in the supply of supporting measures when it comes to building green energy power plants in Taiwan, making it a challenging task for corporations to even build one onshore wind turbine," Lin said.

"We hope the government could assist private corporations to resolve problems arising from investing in green energy and to encourage them to use green energy 100 percent. We hope that under the efforts of both the government and the private sector, Taiwan could create a world leading green energy ecosystem, where our findings and experiences can become a benchmark for the world, with Taiwan becoming an exporter of green energy supporting measures for green infrastructure, leading the world to a zero carbon emission future," Lin said.

"Taiwan Mobile has internalized ESG into everyday operations, and most its operations are centered around sustainability. The company continues to challenge and pursue growth in every aspect of ESG, making it a tenacious corporation in the long run. "Take this year's COVID-19 pandemic for example, Taiwan Mobile initiated working from home immediately upon the outbreak of the pandemic and actively implemented several measures to take care of its employees," Lin said.

"These initiatives include paid COVID-19 family care leave, lesser restrictions on asking for leave as well as condolences and subsidies paid to employees confirmed with the coronavirus. Taiwan Mobile has also been an advocate of working from home through the promotion of 'Home Agent,' which decreases employees' risks of contracting the virus when outdoors, he said.

At the same time, due to the maturation of digital transformation, Taiwan Mobile has reached new heights in its operating efficiencies. "Thank the Jury for its positive regards and high approval of Taiwan Mobile's effort in preventing its employees from contracting the virus as the best company in the telecommunication sector," Lin said.