Taiwan Mobile Cloud PBX users increase ten fold Upgrading the service with voice recording features

July 07,2021

Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd., has spared no efforts in assisting its corporate clients through their digital transition during the COVID-19 pandemic with its services. Among the services, Cloud PBX, which ensures no calls are unanswered through three devices alerting to an incoming call simultaneously, has seen astronomical growth with its overall user base increasing ten fold year on year before the pandemic.

Cloud PBX recently pushed out a new value added voice recording feature, which garnered praise from customer service companies, cram schools, telemarketing agencies, etc, providing uninterrupted value added support for corporate clients amid the pandemic.

"Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is the current industry trend, and Taiwan Mobile leads this trend. Taiwan Mobile has been assisting the digital transformation of corporations since its M+ messenger service went online in 2016, which is further elevated by its Cloud PBX service that started in 2019," said Chief Business Officer C. H. Wu.

The resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic this year has had a severe impact on all industries, driving corporations to shift to "working from home," which boosted the demand for internet and online communication. To meet the demand, CPaaS service has became the preferred option for working from home and has seen a marked increase in its subscriptions, said Wu.

In June, Cloud PBX users saw an eight time increase compared with a year earlier, while M+ messenger experienced a 26 time rise in users year on year. Taiwan Mobile will to continue to offer its services to help corporations with their digital transformation so as to solve problems and inconvenience arising from the pandemic. Wu said.

Cloud PBX saves approximately 33 percent of switchboard maintenance fee annually for companies by bringing the function of switchboards into the cloud. When a client calls an extension of a company, three devices will ring simultaneously to the incoming call -- mobile phone, IP telephone and personal computer. This service has gained great popularity among small and medium sized businesses, such as emerging e-commerce companies.

Cloud PBX does not require conventional setup, is highly mobile and offers cross platform synchronization, which made it highly popular during the pandemic. Large corporations from retail to computer communication companies have adopted the system, which brought 10 times more users to the system.

Cloud PBX brought in a voice recording feature back in April, which can be accessed simultaneously from the mobile phone, IP telephone and PC devices. Coupled with a well-rounded voice recording administrator and management platform, it has become very popular among corporate clients, such as telemarketing and debt collection companies.

In the past, recording of business calls could only be done on telephone extensions. But now Cloud PBX can record business calls on any dedicated account, while not requiring downloading an extra recording app. What more, all recordings are encrypted to serve as an extra layer of of digital protection for companies and their clients.

Taiwan Mobile also offers temporary bandwidth extension options for corporate clients, which emphasizes "authorizing bandwidth extensions within 24 hours, and a full setup within 48 hours."

At the same time, M+ messenger offers a 180-day free trial for business accounts, while Cloud PBX continues to offer a short term immediately accessible contract that starts with a minimum period of six months. What's more, Taiwan Mobile has also put forth a short term one year plan of optic fiber internet connection for corporate clients, with the first two months free of charge, to help corporations' transition into the "New Normal" of the post-pandemic era.