Taiwan Mobile and myBook Publishers Together Launch "Digital Wings". Investing resources of more than NT$70 million to help 10,000 students online chase international dreams

March 14,2019

Taiwan Mobile, who is committed to sustainable development and promotes social integration, launched a new innovative public welfare project today with Taiwan Mobile Foundation and four major interactive language publishers (LiveABC, Studio Classroom, StudyBank, and SOYONG) of the myBook online reading service, announcing the official launch of the "Digital Wings." Besides the donation for 10,000 vulnerable students to have free access to the Internet every year, 10,000 free online "interactive language learning" accounts are also provided on myBook to help disadvantaged young people improve their digital competitiveness and foreign language skills. At today's press conference, Taiwan Mobile took the lead in donating to the 2,000 vulnerable children supported by Taiwan Fund for Children and Families and released the logo and theme of the Digital Wings. It is a wing consisting of colorful feathers with a sense of digital technology, featuring the idea of "Fly High with Digital Wings."


James Jeng, the President of Taiwan Mobile, said that the company has transformed into a telecommunications company of new-generation technologies, which has repeatedly demonstrated the strength of innovative changes and injected creative and technological DNA into public welfare activities. Having prepared for nearly a year, Taiwan Mobile has integrated the core network resources of the company, combined with the charity momentum of Taiwan Mobile Foundation, and invited four major interactive foreign language publishers of the myBook online reading service for the industry’s first innovative public welfare, the “Digital Wings." We will donate 6GB of free Internet data and appropriate voice calls and text messages each to 10,000 middle school students from low-income families in Taiwan every month The 10,000 students will have a total of 720,000GB of Internet access throughout the year. Each of them will receive free learning opportunities in four languages (English, French, Japanese, and Korean) provided by myBook, the online reading service of Taiwan Mobile. The 10,000 online learning accounts, estimated at a price of NT$150 per individual every month, translate to a sponsorship amount of 18 million Taiwan dollars. Together with the network, related resources, workforce, and development costs provided by Taiwan Mobile, a total fund of NT$70 million were invested in helping our next generation use technology and embrace the world.


Simon San-cheng Chang, chairman of the Taiwan Mobile Foundation, pointed out that, based on the Q3 statistics of MOHW's Department of Statistics, there were 56,634 minors over 12 years old with low-income qualifications in Taiwan's counties and cities. The urgent need for technology application resources is an evident and attention-drawing issue for rural areas. Having long paid attention to digital technology education, Taiwan Mobile Foundation initiated the "Coding Fun" program in 2017 to cultivate programming logic among children. However, we also found that there is a lack of foreign-language teachers and learning resources in rural areas. Therefore, we have joined hands with four publishers of myBook online reading service in launching the "Digital Wings." In the future, children will have personal accounts on myBook. They also can use public Wi-Fi or school computers for online learning. They are no longer limited by the environment and will be able to make good use of digital resources so as to bravely pursue their dreams. This time, the Digital Wings features "Fly High with Digital Wings." I especially like this slogan, as we desperately need to help the younger generation learn foreign languages through the Internet and leap onto the international stage. Take a closer look at its design, the wings use the signature colors of the Taiwan Mobile logo, signifying Taiwan Mobile's determination to pass onto the children its DNA of vitality, innovation, and technology.


The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (T.F.C.F.) has provided services to disadvantaged children and families for 69 years. CEO Betty Su-Chiou Ho said that the foundation realized the disadvantaged children are generally faced with insufficient learning resources. 80% of the children have no family member to help them with homework, and 70% of the vulnerable families cannot afford schooling costs. Education should have been an essential channel for vulnerable children to break away from poverty. Unfortunately, poverty has also restricted the children's future development. Since 2017, T.F.C.F. has cooperated with Taiwan Mobile for the 518093 donation hotline so that subscribers can help the disadvantaged children more conveniently. This year, the company saw the need for underprivileged children to access the Internet for digital learning, and, therefore, took the initiative in inviting T.F.C.F. to become the first social welfare organization to participate in "Digital Wings." We are very grateful to the company for its hard work and look forward to the children moving forward on the road to poverty alleviation with the complement of digital learning resources.


LiveABC General Manager Jerry Cheng said that he is honored to participate in the “Digital Wings.” There are various convenient interactive audio and video learning functions in Taiwan Mobile's myBook digital reading platform. Learning is no longer restricted by time and space. In the donated "interactive language learning" monthly package, we have prepared a wealth of learning materials for children, including English, Japanese, Korean, French, and other language learning materials, as well as the materials for GEPT, TOEIC, and TOEFL. Children can make selections based on their interests, ability level, and needs. It is hoped that this event will open the doors for school children to enter the world of digital learning and keep up with the trend of learning foreign languages.


At the press conference, a case study film, produced with the help of T.F.C.F., was played. In the film, Xian, a third-grade student from a junior high school, raised by her grandparents, and loves to perform, hopes to study videos of performers all over the world via the Internet. On the day of filming, she performed in front of the camera the dance she recently learned from the music video of an iconic Korean girl group, with the hopes that one day, she, too, will be able to perform on the international stage. She also self-taught Korean by using myBook's interactive language learning. She was even able to instantly teach her grandma! On the other hand, Xin, who is currently studying in the department of cosmetology, practices applying on makeup in the classroom while talking about her dreams. She hopes to improve her foreign language skills in the future and get the opportunity to attend renowned international fashion weeks in fashion capitals such as London and New York. Now, with the help of the "Digital Wings," the girls are one step closer to realizing their dreams.


From now on, Taiwan Mobile's innovative public welfare program “Digital Wings” is open for application. NPOs and Social Affair Bureaus of the local governments can help to match and apply on behalf of the candidates. 10,000 vulnerable students will be given 6GB internet access each month for up to a year (a total of 720,000GB internet access) and a year's subscription of "interactive language learning" on the myBook platform. Qualifications and requirements for the “Digital Wings”: 1. Enrolled students from junior high school to university, 2. Funded by legally registered NPOs or qualified as low-income families, 3. Highly enthusiastic about learning foreign languages, 4. No valid monthly number or record of number cancellation under the applicant's name within 6 months (inclusive) of the application.