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Stakeholder Communication Mechanism

TWM identified the stakeholder categories in accordance with the AA1000 principles and internal identification procedures. A total of eight stakeholder categories have been identified: Employees, suppliers, competent authorities, communities/NGOs, customers, shareholders/investors, media, and appraisal organizations.

TWM has established dedicated communication channels for the different type of stakeholder to address and respond to the demands of stakeholders.

CSR dedicated email: TCCPA@taiwanmobile.com

Key stakeholders Communication channels Frequency
Employees Performance assessments, performance interviews, and discussion of career development Biannually
Internal Communication Mechanism Non-scheduled
Internal educational training Non-scheduled
Staff satisfaction surveys Every 2-3 years
Employee welfare committee/ committees Non-scheduled
Internal and external website Non-scheduled
Labor-management meetings Quarterly
President and grievance mailbox Non-scheduled
Suppliers Manufacturer communication mechanism Non-scheduled
Meeting for education on norms Non-scheduled
Mail Monthly
Grievance hotline Non-scheduled
Questionnaires/Conferences Non-scheduled
Competent authorities Meetings/Visits Non-scheduled
Official documents Non-scheduled
Communities/NGOs Electromagnetic wave testing hotline Non-scheduled
Public welfare events Non-scheduled
Foundation website 24H
Questionnaires/Conferences Non-scheduled
Customers Customer service hotline and mailbox 24H
Marketing activities Non-scheduled
Customer satisfaction surveys 24H
Public information Non-scheduled
Communication through text messages Non-scheduled
Official documents Non-scheduled
Official website and customer service APP 24H
Questionnaires/Conferences Non-scheduled
General Shareholders’ Meeting, investor conferences and meetings, road show 19 events in 2015
Special website section for investors 24H
Questionnaires Non-scheduled
Media News release 5-8 per week
Press conference Non-scheduled
Appraisal organizations Submissions for major national awards 2-3 times a year
Responses to international questionnaires - CDP & DJSI Annually