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TWM strives for balanced economic, social and environmental development. As the pioneer in digital convergence, we will continue to apply our core corporate resources to caring and serving the society. Apart from sponsorships, we must also help disadvantaged groups improve their digital skills, popularize CSR education, promote social harmony and establish the basis of sustainability.

Achievement in 2015

  • Got DJSI full marks in “Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy” dimension.
  • Won the Social Inclusion Award of 8th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards.
  • Total social investment of 152.2 million NTD.
  • Assisted NPOs fundraising up to 16 million NTD.
  • 3,379 hours of volunteering time.

KPIs and Targets

  • Assist NPOs fundraising at least 10 million NTD per year.
  • Reach at least 5 million people participated, serviced or benefited in total per year
  • At least 3,000 hours of volunteering time.

In order to face up the influence of 4G era, we will pay particular emphasis to the cultivation of digital content production talents to enhance the soft power in cultural creativity in Taiwan. We will also match digital talents with charity groups to enable charity technicalization and maximize their social benefits.